Masteron vs. Primo during cruise?


In all honesty the “bridging” or “cruising” are just words that people use and yes I will admit that I have also used these words to rationalize the fact that im running almost a year long cycle.
You hit 15wks and don’t want to stop so you say im going to bridge to the next cycle.
I admit im guilty of this.
Cruising is when you have finally realized that you can’t pct anymore. Its not a fact but the first time I used the word cruise was when I stopped running a pct.
I believe that we use these words to rationalize our decisions so that we don’t feel like were not following the rules or something.
Im guilty I want to make a plea bargain.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: ok plea bargain was actually funny. Lol. Not saying you but I think a lot of people just use those words not really knowing. It’s almost like the cool thing to say. I see it not just here but other social
Media platforms.


I’m also guilty of this. I’ve been on since June myself and twice now I have said "oh I bridged 4 weeks here and I bridged 4 weeks there just to change compounds. When really I haven’t come off of shit in 7 months now.


I totally agree that diet is the key component to any cruise/bridge/blast. From personal experience when I was first starting out over a decade ago I remember I was using 1000mgs. of gear and was wondering why am I not getting bigger. Now a days I’m a firm believer of less is more, rarely ever do I go higher then 500 test during any blast. But now after posting this thread I might just stick to a basic cruise of 200 test only. Like you pointed out it comes down to diet and I believe I can keep my look with proper diet and training.


When I come off I typically like to run with prop doing about 50mg split through the week and gradually bump up to 100mg. It’s awesome for cleaning your receptors and priming your body for the next cycle. This time my coach just had me run 200mg enth for 8 weeks now I’m up to 400mg enth a week and 50mg prop eod. Just did blood work so see where my levels are at


Awesome bro I believe in you. Train hard and embrace the suck on cycle and off


I have 5 more weeks of this cycle then I’m going back to my TRT for a few months. 150mg enanthate weekly for 6 weeks then bump to 200mg for 6 more weeks before my next cycle.


Hell yes bro. Your body will definitely be ready for the next cycle after that.


You can never go wrong with Mast. Relatively safe compound with great DHT well being benefits,improved erection quality and some anti e properties!


No fucking bridging no cruising, cycle on cycle off.


I definetly enjoyed the back and forth, its amusing, but mainly it’s benefical and things can be learned so thanks dudes.


Primo over mast ANYDAY for me. Mast made me lean and my vascularity was good with a clean diet, but I lost my hair and after dropping mast I lost my hardness. Primo on the other hand…well my muscles stayed full, with a clean diet I lost inches around my waist, but not overall size. My strength never dropped and I’m now in the best shape of my life cardio wise. Primo literally carved away any excess water or fat I had and replaced it with veins and a hard grainier look. No sides what so ever and once I stopped primo I havent lost any of my vascularity or hardness primo gave me. Of course I’ve also maintained my diet during this. Only thing is…primo IMO has to be ran 16+ weeks. Longer you run it the better it becomes. Oh and it’s expensive.


Thanks brotha


I say no less than 16-25 everyone stops at 20wk but in all honesty I believe that you can run promo for a lot longer.
Especially if you are just running a try dose of testosterone and not running a gram of primo.
If you wete to say run a trt dose of testosterone and then run primo at 400mg I think that with blood work done to make sure that everything is in range and well you could run it for as long as you can afford it.

I had good gains at 400mg and felt great I had bad side effects once I hot 800mg acne horribly and hair took a hit but I believe that as long as you have real methenolone enanthate you can run as long as you want at a lower dose 200-400 you won’t get a whole lot out of it but your physique will stay amazing and you will make gains from it.

I have thought about running
Testosterone enanthate 500mg 1-10 250mg11-25
Primo 800mg 1-10 600mg 11-20 400mg 20- until it runs dry and cut my testosterone level down to using cypionate at 200mg a week.

So after 25wk still run
Test cyp 200mg and primo 400mg. With 2iu of hgh every night


I meant to say minimumly run primo 16+ weeks. So you did have decent results at 400mg’s? I was debating that dose for awhile but I went ahead and kept it at 800 till the end. I’m in 100% agreement with you that with low test and primo around 400 you’d be able to run that year round. Of course like you said providing blood work backed it up.


Yeah brother primo is the best compound ive ever used im addicted and just waiting to heal up to start the next run and I believe that im going to do it like I posted above with a strong start with high testosterone enanthate everyone says that your wasting the primo if you’re running the testosterone high no pri.o is getting wasted all that muscle mass is still going to be there once I cut that water. Im going to slowly drop my dose and keep running it until I run out and I have like end of world zombie apocalypse primo stash so I can’t wait to get started I just can’t stand pinning so much oil lol
But it is an amazing compound.
I have been thinking about even adding npp at 300mg first 8wk. Im definitely going to use MHN to finish and tbol to start.
I run some unorthodox out of the box cycles


Wow!! just read this whole thread from the beginning to end. Funny, and informational shit!! :muscle: