Masteron vs. Primo during cruise?


It was to make a point, of what works for one person, might not work for another.


:100: Very true


Cruising these days can mean so many things. I know guys who cruise 400mg test and some primo. Hard to tell. But I would cruise on 200mg test and 200mg primo.


That’s not “cruising.” A cruise is test only going back to therapeutic replacement doses between blasts of multiple and often higher dose compounds. A bridge is adding a lower dose of another compound along side of your replacement dose of test. Anything else is just a blast/cycle.


I have no clue where all this cruising and bridging and cycles come from. @Berserker nailed it. A cruise is low test to let your receptors clean out and be ready for the next cycle. If you’re using mast or primo you’re just plain using another cycle. You guys need to quit trying to event stuff to make it sound cool or quit reading shit on the internet. Follow true and tried methods from the old school pros

I’ve been on 200mg enth since my show and just
Now upped it to 400mg with 50mg prop eod. I’m 215 and still looking lean.

And another note. Mast or primo won’t make you lean or hard alone. It’s fucking diet and hard training. Put the phones down and fucking train hard and quit relying on drugs.



Yes but how people approach things change. Many vets cruise on 300-400mg now. Especially those who are truely big.


I never said it did. But mast does make you look harder with the high androgenic ratings. We know this. Primo is very anti catabolic and good for keeping muscle between cycles.

I’m not advising you do more than 200mg test. But the question is which is better cruising. Primo by far.


I did 200mg enth every 10 days or so. And I’m a vet and very experienced and have placed top in pro qualifiers.


Do mast without proper diet and see how hard you will get.


This is a given. I’m not taking a bad diet into consideration. I assume the person is doing what they need to do. No one is saying an obese mig Mac eater taking mast is going to get me Olympia.

Mast hardens you up, fact. Do you disagree? That’s where it shines?


Never assume. You said masteon is proven to make you hard. Just not true. I can get hard and grainy off anadrol and test but it’s because of my diet. If I ate like shit I’d be fat and on steroids like a lot of guys.


So Masteron does not shine in particular in making you hard?

I’m not talking about diet. I can cut body fat on drol as well. I’m taking about this particular drug without the diet into consideration.


Post pictures of you running mastron alone and not dieting and I want to see how hard you look. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying. But it sounds like you’re saying masteon alone without diet can make you hard.

I don’t know where you’re getting your info but you are dead wrong.

@TrenGod have you ever heard this.


No… I am not say this at all man. Not even close. How are you reading this. I’m saying Masteron is a drug that is proven to give you a harder look. Give two guys with the same body composition and diet. One with Masteron and one with say dbol. Guess which one looks harder?


Ok I was about to say. Guess I misread that that’s why I said that lol. I was about to throw in the towel and give up lol


Bottom line if you’re adding anything to a cruise or bridge or what ever the fuck you guys call it is not that it’s a fucking cycle.


You can read here about how I feel about “cutting” and “bulking” drugs.

I understand the diet is the key and how one uses anabolic for cutting and bulking is out of date.


I have to disagree. Within 400mg should be fine. I don’t know if I believe in saturation. The evidence is iffy. Mostly anecdotal. Could be true but still not 100% in my mind.


Well you need to experience it for yourself. I’ve learned from a doctor that studied gear and pros. The best is to come down to 50mg split during the week with prop. But you can read all you want till you experiment on yourself and learn your body. I’ve never lost size or density but I follow my diet and train my ass off on and off gear.


I don’t doubt it. That’s what we’re here for. Using our body as experiments. If it wasn’t for the people who said fuck it to a lot of the bodybuilding rules we have like you must run the same amount of test as another compound we wouldn’t have gotten far. I know both who do like you and don’t. Pros and amateurs trying for pro card.