Mast e vs p


Wondering if anyone has seen any differences running he two? I’m assuming not much, but I also know some swear by tren e vs a when it comes to sides even though same compound. I’ve onky ever ran prop or ace so curious. Debating e for my next cut.


The differences that I know of are that the enanthate ester is a heavier ester and I believe that with the slower ester you might get less side effects in the short-term but once you’re going it will take 2wks to let them subside.
Tren ace you can stop and it will subside much faster 3-5 days mac. I wouldn’t use tren but if I were going to use tren. it would be tren hex. From my research this is the best tren eater for alot of
People when it comes down to side effects
This is just what ive read in cycle logs


Have you used mast e?


I personally like shorter ester compounds. I’ve noticed better results in the way of “look” of muscle. Harder, grainier, more separation. Better for me because I like switching a lot. I also liked doing primo ace and enanthate together. I’ve heard some doing that with tren.


I thought you were asking about tren e and a lol
I’ve ran some mast p but not e .
I would use mast p my reason would be just because you have more control over the dosing. Keeping your levels stable


Yeah seems like when it comes to mast most run the p. Haven’t talked to many that run e.


Lol I was just making a comparison for why I was asking :joy: