Macros counting made easy


So I see alot guys having trouble calculating there diets and macros. How much intake they need and how its done and calculated. I have found an app that im probably late to the party with getting but for those who have not come across this yet its called my fitness pal. It includes a couple different apps in its app family which are valuable and great for guys like me trying to lock in there diets and know where to start at when it comes to bulking cutting and maintenance. I think that you fellas and ladies will enjoy it as much as I have and I just got it but I really like it.
Good luck and good gains to all

My Fitness Pal app store or Google play

I would like to hear about any other apps that anyone uses so maybe I can check them out also


Not necessarily an app, but I verbalize to all the patrons that I work with to purchase a kitchen scale for more accuracy in their portions along with the myfitnesspal app.