Low lidido even on cycle


For some reason I’ve been having libido issues. Just not interested in sex at all. I’m on 600g test and 600 1 test cyp ew.

I don’t know what’s up.


Estrogen can be low or high and also even though your not running any nor-19 the progesterone can cause this issue.
The 1 testosterone cypionate doesn’t produce estrogen but it might produce progesterone.
I took MHN its not supposed to produce estrogen or progesterone but it does produce progesterone and a few caber later I was back to normal. You could also be running just to much Anabolic compounds with just not enough androgenic balance


What ai are you running? Dose?


PROVIRON. I also think most of us expect too much. There’s so much going on, even with a blood test its hard to pinpoint. If your lady or man or whatever wants it and you can’t no matter what, that’s one thing. If it takes a milf gangbang to raise the flag…thats another. “Normal is relative” My buddy is dating again at 50. Turns out he was having performance anxiety! Texts me, what should I take? He was all freaked out. Knock on wood, never had that happen. Have your partner tell you how “bad” they were while you were at work​:weight_lifting_man:, how they found your UGM account and…found the big murph​:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: that’s what mine does…i mean would do if anything like that ever happened but it hasn’t so…


Like RN said, so many factors can affect it and it is often difficult to pinpoint even with blood work. It could be mental bro.


So much to listen to, so little time. CIALIS


I don’t need much. .05mg every 3 days. How I always ran it with the test dosage I’m running right now.


Yeah I was thinking proviron as well.

My lidido went to hell after my cruise at 200mg ew for 4 months. It shot up for maybe about 2 weeks after I started where I’m getting hard one all the time. Now it’s like nothing. Don’t care for sex at all.


Does your bloodwork back up it being in range? E2 is a big culprit for low libido if it’s out of whack. Just is always my first go to. But if you know you’re good there with bloods then perhaps can try provi or something. But on 600 test and dhb your sex drive should be high already.


For the next 2 and a half months I’m traveling almost every week to a different country so not much of a chance of blood work. But I’ve ran this same dose, same source for the same amount do test without problems before.

Do you think mast would be better for proviron is still the best?


Jeez, your like 18! You should never have low sex drive. I didn’t even know what that was until I had to go to my girlfriends family function and saw her mom, a glimpse of the future​:dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


That sounds interesting…going to different countries. Good proviron at, for me, 100mg a day, made a big difference in my look especially with a touch of halotestin. I know a lot of guys swear by it who don’t take enough, I mean high test.


Should I maybe up my test as well?

Yeah, I’m in Malaysia now. Going to Thailand, Vietnam, kinmen islands and Taiwan before finally moving to Italy for the next 3-4 years.


My libido is by far highest when I’m cruising (cyp 200 mgs) per week and no AI. As soon as I go over 200 mgs of Test and add other compounds (even with proper anti estrogen / prog) libido fluctuates significantly. My test level, as per lab work, is typically around 1000 on a cruise … seems to be by sweet spot, with normal estro levels. Take advantage of some affordable blood work in those countries you are in!


Well for sure one thing that isn’t up is your pecker :joy::joy::joy::joy: sorry had too.

I’d say drop the dhb bro. You’re running both at same mg. Dhb is still something new (and I still don’t recommend using it). Like @Bigmurph said your estrogen is probably all out of whack.

More isn’t always better as most people think.


Care you elaborate on why?


Lmao bro always killing me. Mine is just dandy :slight_smile:


Not getting back into this lol it’s in past threads. Basically in a nutshell all it is is a prohormone made into an injectable.


It would seem proviron is doing the trick. I still think there’s some mental shit going on. Libido is still low, but at least there’s some. Basically went from great shape, probably only 2 months out if I really pushed it for a fight to the 5 months of complications from intestinal tear and issues. Already a bigger guy so not being able to move around and moving to Malaysia during this time fucked me up eating like garbage and packing on weight. Just don’t feel like a god in the bedroom, plus I’ve been with my fiancée for 3 years so things aren’t as hot as before.


Proviron overall is not very strong man. It may help a little but your compounds are throwing your body off. Fix your compounds issue and your dick will work again.