Know your esters


Effect in relation to the ester chain / half-life.

After years on this board, I see new and old members, unfortunately, have a wrong understanding ang Ester Chain / effect, many are convinced that the Sust for instance works better than Omnadren, Omnadren and works better than pure Test E and Test Cyp bloat more than test E.
I want to make these myths in the ground in the chase this time.
First, I explain a little about the basic structure of the basic hormones:

All natural & synthetic AAS share the same basic molecular bonding, which consists of 4 rings, you call them A, B, C, D. When we look for instance at Stanozolol (Winstrol), it is a Dihydrotesteron derivative, ie Dihydroteteron added a 3.2 pyrazole group and a 17-Alpha Methyl, roughly speaking, this has just made on the A ring and the shift of hydrogen atom from a carbon atom, then the hormone 17-A-alkyl, as we all know is 17-A structure made of the hormone should not be steadily revised downwards in the liver.
When these molecular changes are being completely change the “behavior” of Dihydrotesteron, so it becomes very active in the muscle tissue, unlike Dihydrotesteronen itself.

There are 3 basic biological reason hormones:

  1. Testeron.
  2. Dihydrotesteron.
  3. Nandrolone.

All kinds of androgenic / anabolic steroids are configured Based on these 3 basic structure.
Testeron derivatives:

  1. Bold None.
  2. Methyltesteron.
  3. Methendrostenolone.
  4. Fluoxymesterone.
    Nandrolone derivatives:
  5. Norethandrolone.
  6. Ethylestrenol.
  7. Trenbolone

Di-hydrotesteron derivatives:

  1. Mesterolone.
  2. Drostanolone.
  3. Oxymetholone.
  4. Stanozolol.
  5. Methenolone
  6. Oxandrolone

These basic hormone mentioned above, has 100% the same effect in human bodies no matter what ester is påbundet!. You have to understand that the ester is only to modify the half-life.

Let us go a little deeper into this topic:
All esters as for instance enanthate / Cypionate are carboxylic acids, which have been stitched on 17-beta hydroxyl group of the testeron pairing for instance, this extends the “life” when it is injeceret in muscle, and not for the hormone effect / behavior when it is recorded in cells / bloodstream.

If you read a little deeper into the topic would be very logical, and you will be ashamed of all the times you have said: “I test sys e works better than test P” or the classic "When you run cut cycles then choose the test rather than test p e, as it has an effect which is ideal for cut stacks! NO! Test P behaves gives 100% as for instance Test E and Test C by Test E.

If you are sewing the results are different, you should take a look at his diet, or go where you are to comply with its half-lives, many do not take it so hard if you just go one day over time, but this really does give strong fluctuations of plasme hormone in the blood.
Another option which I think should underlie the huge misconception here is that people know a damn thing about weight ester and its meaning, but just to act smart throws up "Well test e has a greater weight than the ester-Test P therefore pulls the less water into "? WTF … has NOTHING to do with each other, it has nothing to do with where you are go to meet its inject intervals to maintain a stable blood plasma.

Here’s a little info about ester weight:

  1. A vial 100mg/ml Test P, contains more active hormone base than a vial Test E 100mg/ml.
  2. When the hormone is released into the bloodstream fast ester will be eliminated in enzymes, therefore, the abselut no further impact on how the hormone works.
  3. The longer an ester is the more it weighs. Feks a propionate ester can be easily compared to a undecylnate.
  4. The heavier the ester weight, the more oil soluble API will be also be that the easier the weight ester is the harder it is to keep it stable in the carrier.

When we look at a pure test base, we see 100% pure testeron!, TNE (Test No Ester) is 100% pure testeron, and the highest concentrated testeron mg / g when the weight has no ester at all.
How Test E in relation to TNE has steadily revised downwards 40% mg / g.
TNE = 100mg / g.
Test enanthate 72mg / g.

As soon as we start to vehæfte esters, we have to use some of the base “space” to accommodate ester, (This is very roughly explained), therefore we will de-speeded mg / g.

I will try with this form to give a picture of mg / g lower yellow ring in forgold to ester weight:

100mg Steroids: Steroid Free in the bloodstream:

Trenbolone Acetate 87mg/ml
Testeron propionate 83mg/ml
Testeron enanthate 72mg/ml
Testeron Cypionate 70mg/ml
Testeron UNDECANOATE 63mg/ml
Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 67mg/ml
Nandrolone decanoate 64mg/ml

From this table we can see indeed conclude that the heavier the ester the less active hormone will be available in the bloodstream, therefore we will have to scoop individual versus what steroid you choose to use.
Therefore, it is us the fact that 500mg trenbolone enanthate not have the same effect as 500mg trenbolone påbundet a Acetate ester.
One should definitely have these considerations in its planning cycle.
Because if you choose a Test E above P Test, you must up-regulated its mg given EW, since there is so much active content in the test as a test e P, I say this much, but it must be understood as the for many years has been a COMPLETELY misunderstood topic.

Ester Weight versus irretation:
Many have noted that by injection of a hormone påbundet a short ester, will give redness / irretation / fever and general malaise.
The results have been one of the easier ester is the more intense is the ester, it can be likened to inject blades, therefore, a stopper / acetate ester give the so-called trælÃ¥r phenomenon, but the muscle gets used to this shock, after a few injections (5 – 10 Injection).
(the above is very rough cut, there are many other factors come into play)

But to cut it completely out of cardboard for all member more omnadren / Sustanon, has not nogensom any better effect one a clean test E if one of its inject intervals.
In my eyes, sust / onmadren not a good choice when you consume AAS for muscle growth, but it is a completely different topic … we should not talk about now.

I hope this review helped a little and I am willing to answer all possible. Question.

It was written very quickly and is not deep, I could write a book on the topic, but think this is enough for people to have an understanding of how the ester-bond work, and perhaps we will be free from the eternal allegations on the ester bond, is important for each steroid influence on the human body.


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Outfuckingstanding post, i jus had a conversation with my buddy today tryin to somewhat explain that nandrolone is “deca” and deca is not the steroid itself, but couldn’t put that point in words as you did but now I can!!


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