Keto The weight loss has stopped


I’m at a stand stil on my weight lose. Very stick keto. Less that 20 carbs. 4 sugars. My scale hasn’t changed in 3 days. Intermediate fasting ???


What’re your total cals at? Are you doing cardio? How often are you training? How much have you lost so far in how many weeks?


I haven’t trained or cardio. But have a very active job. Underground coal miner. Less than 20 carbs a day and 4 sugars total a day


I’m headed to the gym at 4 am


Just simply by starting training and burning calories during your lift should get you moving again. Assuming you are tracking calories and eating exact same every mea, which since you know your net carbs and sugars it sounds like you do.


It’s really strict keto. I’ll try it. Maybe throw in some intermediate fasting. Got to drop 10 more pounds of baby fat. Before December 1st so I can grow


Intermittent fasting will help. You could add it 2-3 days a week.


If nothing else has changed in energy expenditure and calories your body is most likely found it’s new ‘normal’. The less you weigh the fewer calories the body needs. The more muscle the body is holding the more calories it needs to maintain it. Our caloric needs are ever changing and need to be adjusted to match our goals.

‘Normal’ is not a good term to use but I don’t know the clinical word for it. You need to add a new shock to the system. Intermittent fasting may or may not be it. A guarantee is increasing energy expenditure and/or reducing calorie intake if weight loss is your goal.

If you are over 21 there is no such thing as baby fat. Quit making your fat ass feel better about it. It’s just fat… admit it and carve it off like a hot knife through butter. :grin: You have done an outstanding job bro and I am teasing you!


That makes since. The green cycling I am doing really melted the fat away. Now need to give the body a shock. 20 fast. 4 hour feeding window. I really have to make myself eat the way it is now. I’ll give it a shot. Planned on going to the gym in the am. But my daughter was up half the nite. So I didn’t make it.


Did my first fast today. 20 hrs fasted. Now ready to eat. But really felt great all day


Day 2 of this fasting. Ive gained 1.7 pounds. What’s going on


It’s a tumor!




Did you drop your calories or just cram same amount of food into a shorter window?


I ate a bag of pork rinds. 8 oz pork chop. 1 cup of broccoli and some block cheese. And two tbs of natural peanut butter.


Uhhh okay? So you don’t even track your good and eat the same intake every day? Will be very hard if you are just eating random stuff.


I guess I don’t understand how you expect us to answer your question. Peoples weight fluctuates on an hourly basis. That’s why I tell people who are obsessed with their weight loss through the use of the scale is to throw it out!!!

A person cannot measure weightloss progress on a daily basis. It just is not going to happen and can create a false sense of failure/success. Diet changes in males can take 10-14 days to have effect and even longer for females.

Using the scale has become your new obsession. Put it in the closet and start weighing yourself on a weekly basis.

Thats the best I can offer based on what you are asking and what I know.


I was starving. That’s what I seen first

  1. Outline your complete calorie intake and macro breakdown.
  2. Provide an accurate breakdown of your training routine and exercise, including estimated daily energy expenditure.
  3. Provide an accurate description of your current body composition and age.

Without those three things, at a minimum brother, we are playing a guessing game. A dietician or nutritionist would need a lot more. Including lab work, medical history, social history, etc.


Lol. I’d youre gunna try to track your weight daily you. We’d to be eating exact same meals at exact same times every day. Or at least hitting same
Macros. And equal water intake. Your best bet it to go by the mirror. But if you’re serious start tracking your food.