Just a thoughtful thank you!


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This just randomly crossed my mind today while at work and I wanted to share it with you all. As most of you are aware I’ve been a boxer and in the fight game for nearly all of my childhood and into all of my adult life. I started looking into using gear as a tool for my trade and a way to keep an uneven playing field even. Although it’s “very frowned upon” and if you are caught in my sport or any sport for that matter you are ridiculed, called a cheater, having an unfair advantage, and everything in between. With that being said I believe and know first hand that not just boxing but combat sports in general are anything but clean and is anything but a level playing field. So I personally started looking into using gear as a tool to help get my weight up to show my true ability and what type of class a fighter I really am. In the lighter weight classes you don’t get much recognition other than your technical abilities as a fighter. With all this being said I stumbled across UGM by pure luck and I couldn’t be happier that this is the forum that I found to call home and a family. You guys and gals as mostly a bodybuilding community have welcomed me with open arms and not only that have supported me in all of my fights and endeavors, not only that but when I’ve had downfalls such as injuries y’all have been there like true brothers to support me, encourage me, and pick me up. That’s what it’s all about. Anyway my point to this long winded post was just to let all of you know how much I appreciate all of your support and thank you for being real with me and more importantly staying true to yourselves! I absolutely love you guys and couldn’t be more happy, grateful, and thankful for you all allowing me to be a part of your community and family! :muscle: :boxing_glove: :100:


God bless your heart my brother


I also wanted to add that I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about different types of training, dieting, motivation, amongst many, many other things that I would have never learned had I not accidentally stumbled across this absolutely great site. So thanks again guys for sharing all your wisdom, knowledge, and life experiences. They are greatly appreciated and I’m 100% sure I not the only one who’s grateful for all your help, guidance, advice, and support. Again, thank you.


Anytime brother


Amazing posts bro! I agree with you and its been a pleasure to be a member here! This is by far the best site ive ever been part of myself. Great mods running a great site with great people all with the mindset of helping each other like a family. I second the “thank you” to everyone here! Thanks for making this place as awesome as it is :metal:t2:


Anytime big dog, keep up the hard work!

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I bet it’s a hard thing to wrap your head around, cheating the same amount that others are cheating. But not enough to get caught, and not so much that it becomes counterproductive.
I think I caught part of a joe Rogan podcast last week where he touched on it.

All of us at some point have the same conversation in our head.
Am I cheating, even in just life the gear can be seen as cheating

Myself as a white belt at bjj, am I cheating against my training partners?

Heavy shit man…


Love the post N8GainTrain…just remember that "true Friends aren’t the ones who make your problems disappear; They are the one who won’t disappear when your facing problems.


Keep driving forward Bro you’re on the right track! :muscle:


From the :heart:️. Well said!