Just 3 pieces of advice


We often see threads about worst advise EVER… But we seldomly read about best suggestions…

If you were sitting down with the younger you from back when, or simply a newbie what advice would you give? What would you offer,what suggestions about the best course of action for him/her that would find them well in life way of life/lifestyle?

  1. take the first few years and dedicate it to learning the true curves to dieting and nutrition
  2. learn how the muscles actually functions and work in groups, different twitches and so on, and what head is activated or deactivated with particular movements, and focus on form
  3. surround yourself with goal like minded people, stay the fuck away from naysayers and underachievers (you’ll reach your target and dreams much faster and it will became a reality)


All truth! Awesome


Share something man, there’s got to be something you would tell yourself back when if you could or something you would tell a newbie? Anything that comes to mind mind dude…


Be nice to every girl in grade school. Some of the ugliest school girls turn into the most beautiful women.


So true… And never bully someone because one day they may end up being your boss… lol


And the most wealthy!


Dont try to deadlift more than you can.

Stretch often

Buy health insurance

Smoke less weed

Bid high, bid often

Lick girls butt holes

Quit eating bread

Dont start skateboarding at 35


Oh, that’s more than 3.

Deadlifts , weed and buttholes are the top 3


Burr you made my day! Haha… you had me at lick girls butt holes… I will always chase the ghosts of their food!!


I should have researched more what I was putting into my body, and by more I mean actually do it.
I thought AAS would get me big,they don’t, diet and proper training do.
I bragged to people about it,(using AAS)like a ignorant, egotistical fuck.


What’s the difference between a girls butthole and a guys?

I’ll tell ya… NOTHING! If I have one I ain’t going down on one.

You can keep those pooper shooters all to yourself. :wink:


Omg dude that is awesome i licked my girl’s just last night :tongue: you made me crack the fuck up!!


Ya know I expect more outta you old veterans, I’m tryin to be serious and it’s all smoking and joking with dudes

  1. Don’t think you are smarter than everyone else and think you are the exception to the rule.

  2. Place your future health above all other goals.

  3. When in doubt throw it out. Confidence in what you are doing is a big part of achieving your goals.

Is that serious enough for you @John?


Ha ha yes, I expect a lot from you vets…


Very solid advice from a seasoned vet :facepunch:t2:


Very Sound Advice… many moons ago I belonged to a Brotherhood we’re one of the first things we did was smash egos… after I got mine smashed everything became crystal clear and the channels opened up and all the information came flooding in… when we as men can lose that narrow-minded approach that’s when we begin to learn something or two…


I wish I could personally reply to every single feedback here. Just keep it coming. semper? Great addition as well. There’s a lot of things we can all put into great consideration and at least attempt to apply it to our daily lives… regardless of where we are at and what level everyone is on we all share the same common goal and that’s self improvement!


Man…came here to get pumped up about training and now all I can think of is “chasing the ghosts of their food”. Damn.

…and the difference between a guy’s butthole and a girl’s ass is a ton of hair, disgusting man ass, and a set of nuts about an inch away


I would tell my younger self that one day I won’t be young