Josh's workout log with Titan Training


I worked in a kitchen when I was young.
3 days is the max that you want to keep anything under refrigeration after cooking.
You shouldn’t get sick and I do eat things that have been in the fridge longer.
When I usually have a problem with a container its because I didn’t rotate my stock properly. I don’t label anything


So youll put anything in your mouth?


That opens up a big door lol


He opened something up lol


I know for a fact he has a big mouth @TrenGod. :open_mouth:


Lmfao! You guys are ball busters @TrenGod and @SemperFi ! Great job @josh on the log and your workouts bud :facepunch:t2:


The max I ever prepped for is 2 weeks. I’ve never had a problem at that rate. Kind of makes me want to try an expirament now lol.


2 weeks in vacuum bags? Frozen I would assume?


What is that in the pan next to your chicken?


That’s amazing 2wks would help me out so much. I could save alot of time cooking and preparing if I did 2wk worth at a time.
Im doing 2x a week right now


I dont usually have to freeze man. The wife gets these “green” vacuum bags and we use an actual vacuum sealer that sucks the air out of the bag and melts the open end shut, completely sealing it. I use those for lucky winters that I might get a deer too lol. Nothing like putting 100lb of venison in the freezer!


Mine is a little older model but this is what I’m talking about.


Lean and rinsed ground beef and lima beans.


Only “a” :deer:


Thanks bro… i’l look into it after work!


11/5 log
Back/ bicep

Session length: 1hr 17min 47sec
Exercises done: 9
Goals acheived: 2
Current weight: 194
Total weight lifted: 31950lbs
Sets: 3
Reps: 12
Warm ups: 1 set @ 20 reps
Cardio: 5 minutes on treadmill @6mph , indoor cycling moderate pace 10 minutes post workout.

Previous weight lifted for this routine: 28675.5 lbs

Weight lifted increased 3274.5 lbs

I had a fairly good mind set going into this routine, motivation was there, energy was there, just felt all around good. I did end up struggling at the very end to finish up, but still fighting this lung infection and sinus infection. Think it’s depleting my energy at the end of my routines. After working out and making it home to eat and relax my head and body started getting some aches and pains so I’m hoping that this cold isn’t progressing into something a little more severe. Hopefully I can kick it by the end of my work day! Regardless my numbers are still increasing and pushing through! Diet is still on track and definitely making a difference in how my body looks! I would have to say for sure that my weight is currently stabilizing and seems to stay consistent right at 194… definitely after starting i’ve lost water weight and muscle definition is coming threw!


11/6 log
Chest/ shoulder

I was highly in a pinch today after work to get this workout in but all that matters is I got it in!

Session length: 48min 56sec
Exercises complete: 7
Goals acheived: 0
Current weight: 194
Total weight lifted: 17035
Cardio: none
Sets: 3
Reps: 12-15 (some I got 17 to 18, some got as low as 6)
There are no warmups at all included in this, due to time restraints

Not much to report on this log, just a rush to get in and get out, I didn’t even get to finish my routine which kinda pissed me off but life can get in the way. Had to totally cut triceps out of this routine so I’ll be looking forward to crushing them next go around. Tomorrow is an off day so I’m looking forward to the rest and not rushing anything after I get off work!


I’ve been wanting to get a vacuum sealer just keep putting it off. Guess it’s time. I travel and use zip lock Star Wars yes I said Star Wars lol baggies and man I’m good for 4 days even frozen and then my chicken get that’s funny taste that I. Know it’s on verge of being bad.

@Bigmurph check out GFS for bulk quality food or Costco. Gfs supplies to restaurants. Their chicken is $12 for I think 5 pounds breasts. Man and these are huge ones lol

@josh when I’m a pinch you can always change up routine. Add super sets or drop sets or giant sets. I’ll post up a good volume shoulder routine I did on Monday due to time.


@josh I recently started using Seth Feroce new carb product from Axe and Sledge which is his company. I forget the name of it but it’s even better than karbylon. I’ll get name of it when I get home. Good one to try when you run out and taste is off the chain amazing lol. Plus the pumps and sustained energy is crazy.


Yeah let me know about the karbolyn substitute. It’ll be a minute before I run out, because I got the 4.4# container. Unless of course I started taking it 3 times a day, but am currently only using it intra workout. I got the green apple flavor and it’s pretty freaking good