Josh's workout log with Titan Training


Im not sure if it takes into consideration just 1 muscle group worked or if it includes a secondary group as well.


I wouldn’t rely on that too much. It appears to be highly inaccurate based on the type of resistence training I know you must be doing. Stick to the mirror. Your lagging body parts will become self evident with time. :wink:

i.e. Every time you grip something your forearm is being used.


Heard that… just decided to post something that was documented on jefit!


Weekly update that just came threw


It cant imagine it includes any secondary muscle groups or assistance activity. Abs, Lower Leg, etc are all vital when squatting but I’m guessing only hamstrings/quads are charted, for example.


Sucks because nothing seems to be documented 100%, I can adjust here an there but jefit doesn’t figure those into my calculations so everything is just a basic number


As long as you know what secondary muscle groups are involved, or tertiary for that matter, you can look back year to year and see totals and weights.

Like @SemperFi said, every time you pick something up you use your forearms. Is it necessary to track it? I don’t think so. I know if I’m Deadlifitng I use forearms, hamstrings, low back, etc… All I record is the #'s and reps/sets. Squats are the same…

Every OHS set I do involves a single shoulder press/push press but I don’t record it…I just track the overhead squat weight.


wow… not many people know what the term “tertiary” is… kudos smarty pants. I hadn’t ever even heard of it until I was in the financial world and people had beneficiaries.


I do know what secondary groups that are involved… if you give me some time i can try and get some screen shots


Really? Primary, Secondary, … Tertiary. Funny how we pick up little things and never think much of it. I think I heard that word in 2nd grade talking about carnivores and how pigs were “tertiary carnivores”. Just stuck with me.




Great fucking movie


@josh I have been used to you updating almost on a daily basis bro. Are you still on the reservation or did you wander off for a few days?


Maybe he ate some peyote and is hanging out with the Regulators in the desert hahaha




I gotta watch that movie again soon lol.


They can’t see us. We’re in the spirit world!


Awesome movie


Yup still here! Wasn’t feeling so good for a few days but still around. Got elected in at work as the union steward so have also had a little more added to my already busy life.


12/15 log
Shoulders/ chest/ triceps

  • Session length: 1hr 18min
  • Exercises complete: 12
  • Goals acheived: 2
  • Total weight lifted: 35965lbs
  • Sets: 4 - 5 (drop set added)
  • Reps: 8 - 10
  • Cardio: 5 minutes preworkout treadmill @ 6mph

Had an amazing day in the gym after about 9 to 10 hours of sleep last night, which had been way over due! Numbers are still steadily increasing, and goals acheived are getting harder to accomplish but still getting a few done here and there as this routine has changed recently!
Walked into the gym doing my routine and noticed I was the biggest one in the room… but also noticed I was the only one there today! :grin::grin::grin: