Josh's workout log with Titan Training


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It does me too, I don’t get it… but whatever I mind my own and get it done


11/29 log
_Quads/ calves_

  • Session length: 1hr 7 min 6sec
  • Exercises complete: 8
  • Goals acheived: 5
  • Total weight lifted: 79550lbs
  • Sets:3
  • Reps: 12

My goal going into this yesterday was to be in the low to mid range of 70k pounds of total weight lifted. But when I did my first set leg presses I felt an amazing surge of power and strength so I tried pushing myself a little harder and if I felt like I couldn’t get anymore reps in id go for 1or maybe 2more. Crazy enough 5 out of 8 exercises turned out to record setters for me and then at the end to see I went from 72000 pounds total lifted weight last week to 79550 was freaking awesome! I did run short on time having to get the wife to work so the only thing I had to cut out are those sissy squats which I’m not very sure I would have been able to do them anyway. I will try and get those in next leg day, which I’m getting pretty good at doing them (I don’t really have to hold onto anything now to get a few of them done)!
Would have been nice to break 80k but got more than what I expected with 79550, so next week’s goal for this routine will be 80k+. Im excited can’t freaking hardly wait :star_struck:


Nice fkn work my brotha!! See with dedication and preserverance all your goals can be met! Doing an awesome job we are all proud of you! You amd @mommie2008 are a kick ass team :metal:t2:


For sure bro… i’ve definitely been dedicated, committed, all-in…
Honestly this time is the best i’ve done and accomplished so far, and of course @mommie2008 is the number 1 behind all of it too. I think sometimes she more dedicated to me being progressive this go around than I am…


12/1 log
Chest/ shoulders/ tricep

  • Session length: 2hr 0min 5sec
  • Exercises complete: 13
  • Goals acheived: 1
  • Total weight lifted: 34195lbs
  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 12-15

If you noticed I gave up on the checking my weight daily, shit got irritating. Not to mention it feels better when I hear other people say im getting bigger(unexpected compliments out of nowhere, usually daily now) so no weight will probably be posted again for awhile.
I did probably go a little overboard with my time in the gym today but I started off a little groggy with minimal energy, and gradually it picked up after forcing myself threw the first few exercises!
At this point in my cycle im not sure which routine im enjoying more… it used to be today’s routine but i’ve been trying to focus my attention on my legs and have been finding a lot of joy(and pain) in working those 2x / week. Overall im very proud of what i’ve accomplished so far and feel great, strong, powerfull, NEW.


For the month


For the week


Keep up the great work @josh. Going back is NOT a option!


Awesome quote ( I don’t trust anybody to help me to get where I wanna be except myself! )
If I were to sum up my earlier years that would be tattooed on my body somewhere…


Slipknot always in my library and a must in the gym IMO…


Im pretty sure alot of us on here are probably like that as well. Thanks for taking the time and reading threw the log!


Exercise plan just came through last night, slightly different, seems more intense. Definitely going to take about a week or to get the new routine figured out and down pat. Had a leg day yesterday (will get log up later) tonight after work it’ll be a back/ bicep routine under the new modified plan from @PHD


12/4 log
Back / bicep

  • Session length: about 1hr 20min, because I forgot to log out of workout in jefit my time kept running after I left the gym for about another 2.5hrs
  • Exercises complete: 7
  • Goals acheived: 6
  • Total weight lifted: 26957.5lbs
  • Sets: 5
  • Reps: goal was to be 8 but some went up to 10-12 trying to find the correct weight.

Tonight’s routine was a change up from what I have been doing for back and bicep so my numbers were a little off, because I kinda had to play the guessing game for what was going to be proper weight for what the exercise/ routine was calling for, the sets were also increased with a drop set added. So again this week will be a learning curve again for me while I find the correct amounts of weight for every routine


You might have already posted this but what you looking to accomplish working with @phd? Keep up the good work bro!


goal is to learn how to diet correctly to achieve better gains. Hoping to add A total of 5 - 10 pounds of clean size. Better definition with current and future muscle. Learn new techniques, train better, have a routine that is functional on a daily and weekly basis. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and look good doing it!
There it is @GC1985


@GC1985 your correct I had never actually posted that. There are alot of things that probably should be in my log that are normally in everybody’s log, but because of the specific training/ coaching I purposely leaving a lot of information out. If you plan on getting involved with phd you will probably do the same thing out of respect!


No man that totally makes sense! You are doing a great job keeping everyone posted and I’m sure he appreciates how you are going about it. Keep up the good work bro!


Never heard of that but makes sense.



@josh is using a paid training coaching service provided by @PHD, who is the owner of Titan Training and a verified trainer here at

It is generally common courtesy that when you are paying for the training services that you don’t disclose too many specifics concerning routine, diet, and/or supplementation publicly. Many advanced and pro bodybuilders support their sport by offering paid coaching/training and it would be ‘not cool’ to disclose those services to the open public who could benefit from those services for free.