Josh's workout log with Titan Training


things just got weird.


Good times!


When @josh and @semperfi are in a thread together, that often seems to happen… I think they secretly want each other


I had an off day leading into tomorrow’s feast! You better believe im gonna smash the gym tomorrow! Diet will be off but still gonna be careful of what’s on the table!


11/23 log
Quads ( I threw a few calves in also)

If you follow much or any of my log… im just gonna leave this here!

I had to go back over and verify in my actual log that everything was recorded properly! It is! I’ve said it before that I don’t really go by total weight lifted but you can’t help but notice a jump in total weight by almost two times the normal amount


BEAST… 72k is a hell of an achievement.


Heck yeah…I did like a triple check on that also. I seriously went back threw my log to check every set, every rep, every weight, i couldn’t freaking believe it. And all i really was concentrating on today was form, weight wasn’t really much of a concern! Until now!


Yeah volume vs weight is a tricky thing. You can get some serious amount of weight lifted at lighter amounts with tons of volume. Feel that pump like crazy too. Hope you are pounding the BCAAs


Yup got those in!


Hell of a job bud diet is always the toughest part thats where the men are separated from the boys :wink: keep on kicking ass!!!


Will do bro! Always glad to hear from you @MBTJR1980


Thanks bro! Been trying to be on the boards as much as possible ive bern working a shit tom while trying to balance family life. I have broad shoulders but its a lot to carry i know you understand that for sure


Absolutley, my family sits on them most and my kids make them bigger!


Well said… My children sitting on my shoulders makes them broader and validates all the work, physically and metaphorically.

My kids make me the best man I have ever been…!!!


Hell yes my son brings out the best in me! I can tell you and @josh are great family men and dads! All the respect in the world for you both :facepunch:t2:


Wait till you have a daughter! If your son brings out the best in you, your daughter will do that plus bring the beast out!

I’ve got 4 boys and 1 daughter! Let me learn you summthin


That’s what I call dedication and most importantly a good partner/woman!!!


Damn I didn’t know that you and @mommie2008 had a basketball team ready to play lol
I wish your family the best I can imagine that you are both great parents. I can promise that you are better than mine were lol


Lol, yeah we got a big team! And even bigger when the cousins, niece’s and nephews come play! :clown_face::crazy_face::dizzy_face:


Ohh yes and he wants one more… one more girl… which our daughter wants to because she wants to share her room with her…lol