Josh's workout log with Titan Training


Is it just me or do you guys notice it also?
First thing in the morning i’ve noticed that when I wake up and look in the mirror it seems like that’s when my body looks the best… is it because of all the eating and drinking and activity throughout the day that changes your physique, and in the morning it’s like I guess a fasting look? I don’t know but I’m more impressed with my looks in the morning!


It’s called being flat. Your body st rest consumes all the calories you ate through out the day while you sleep. Hence when you wake up we call is fasted. Once you start eating and drinking fluids you fill your body back out


Yes morning is usually when you are the driest and look the leanest simce you havent eaten or drank anything in hopefully last 8 hours. Its a great time to weigh yourself and take progress pics


Yeah buddy I gotta do that!


For sure I need to as well. I’ll put some numbers up for tonight and then the AM tomorrow just to see the difference.


@Stirms numbers or pictures?


Well numbers to start out. Pics are for the chicks.


11/12 log
Back/ bicep

Session length: 1hr 20min 1sec
Exercises complete: 9
Goals acheived: 4
Total weight lifted: 29690lbs
Sets: 3
Reps: 10-12
Current weight: 196

  • 60 sec rest between sets

  • 5 minutes on treadmill at 6mph

Got a decent night sleep last night but stressful ass day at work, so was glad for the sleep to help in the gym today rather than pushing that dead body weight from yesterday, and the stress from work today just made me more excited to get into the gym to just let it all go! Numbers are still growing although I didn’t break 30k, I did swap a few exercises out for harder ones using the same muscle groups. I will have to check past log for back/ bicep to see where I stand with total weight lifted. Above all going into gym with a good mindset, energy, the raw feel of power, having a good push, I’d say rating today’s workout at a B+ (I would have gone for an A but due to the change up in some exercises it’s harder for me to get the same feel of where I was last week)


From 11/5 log
Back/ bicep

  • also worth noting the goals acheived increased by 2 and current weight is up 2#…I know it’s not my morning weight but it is a weight that is taken same time of day, same scale, same diet for the day, same water intake!


Good job man. I’m excited to see some progress pics from you.


Awesome job bud thats how you make progress one step at a time one foot in front of the other!


Good lifts


Heck yeah guys, I’m getting super stoked about this… getting better, and pushing harder!


Found this laying around the gym yesterday… don’t think it’s 100% accurate but interesting


Not even close to accurate


Didn’t think so!
Im staying away from that thing!


I have a pair of digital calipers and a pair of mechanical calipers now. After years of using all the crap scales, handhelds and the shit at Walmart or Kroger I had enough lol. They aren’t too expensive and most come with charts. If you want to get really fancy there’s plenty of websites that teach you how to figure the math with the calipers too.


It’s an off day for me boys! Worked hard for it…

On an awesome positive note this was probably the most awesome thing that has been said to me… so im at work today just bullshitting with a dude I haven’t seen in a while. In mid conversation he turns to me and says, "damn bro, you going for a body building competition? "
That made my day!


That’s awesome bro see hard work pays off


Fuck yeah… so @PHD since i’ve thought about it and it’s been brought to my attention im curious about getting involved in maybe doing it…
Here’s where im clueless… how do I even get involved in getting in any sort of comp?