Josh's workout log with Titan Training


I will stay out of this on purpose but I see so many wounds to add salt to I can’t decide which rabbit hole to drag you down if I chose to.

You are a soft target @Bigmurph. :grin::sunglasses:


Honestly I can’t believe you hadn’t yet!


Just got off a plane or I would have vomited on this a lot earlier. :wink:


How do you know he’s soft? Maybe your fucking fluffy


you got me confused !!! what are you refering to?


Excuse my language… I am fluffy as fuck @john and you’re no daisy.

I up from 206 to 230+ since September 1. :wink:


Ha ha, I actually laughed, I needed that @SemperFi


Holy shit im begging for 2or 3 pounds, and your up that much?


Oh you guys just wait till after my show it’s on. I will be working with meadows and following his training protocols for me. He’s already got his first plan of attack for me. I’ll start that Monday after my show and I’ll still be working with my coach. I hit 255 last year let’s see what I can do this year. @SemperFi I’m following you plan closely as I’m going to implement some of those for myself.


Holy shit you’ve cut all the way down from 255 to under 200?


Yes sir not sure my weight right now I don’t get on scale this low in body fat it fucks with ur head lol


I wanna see a pic at 255!!!


Damn you’re awfully bossy lol


Haha need that full before and after effect :slight_smile:


Christmas last year at Disney. I was about 245-250 don’t remember exactly. My face is definitely nice and full


Arms were full too I see haha. Captain America. Love it. And dude I remember when I was up at 215. My fave was so chubby even there. With a beard it looked HUGE :joy:


Capt America, that’s awesome!


Think I found the best way to get bigger in the gym… music (the kind that gives you goose bumps when your pushing hard)


11/10 log
Shoulders/ chest/ tricep

Session length: 1 hr 34min 19sec
Exercises complete: 12
Goals acheived: 3
Total weight lifted: 41275lbs
Current weight: 195
Sets: 3
Reps: 10-12
Cardio: none (except as stated below to start workout)

  • Warm ups not included in these numbers

  • 60 seconds of rest between each set

  • 5 minutes on treadmill @ 6mph to get workout started

So i’ve been trying real hard to keep my total weight lifted amount going up, and it has… today I beat a goal that jefit doesn’t recognize… 41275 lbs! I super stoked about that, couldn’t feel more accomplished! I was trying to get to 40k and now im over it… on to the next 50k here i come


Music is always a must for me