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its not like im telling him what im sending

didnt know he sposored. on anasci hes there just like a visitor or something, no thread of his own, no ads and his email gets deleted from the reports

doesnt seem like behaviour theyd take towards a sponsor

but if he pays money to get positive reviews… its a big nono id look elsewhere


Anasci has their own way of doing things. BigA owns the board but different Admin runs it. So while Admin there will have some say, BigA has the ultimate say so.

I wont say anything bad about anasci as the admin there and some of the guys (not all) are great guys.

Anyways tho. Welcome to UGM.


thank you!


@Kuakk What’s up with the handle? I would like to hear your story.

@MBTJR1980 is who he is but I have found him to be a very supportive and productive member in the community of UGM since I have joined. What did you expect to find on a site full of men with massive amount of testosterone running through their system?


the handle? had a stuttering friend who was trying to say the last word and always said it like that and we though it funny

i just dislike the internet tough guy behavior strongly … if its serious than man, somebody needs to get a psych evaluation to get this pumped up about completely meaningless shit and if its not serious like what is one trying to prove writing stuff like that on internet?

i dont know him, but thats how i view that kinda behavior and i ain’t gonna be sorry about that.


@Kuakk I try not to think I know a person without first trying to get to know them.

“who wishes to fight must first count the cost”
― Sun Tzu


Thanks bro I appreciate that big time! You are a good dude and i have tons of respect for you plus you are a fkn riot!! :rofl:
Whats this dudes deal? Who does he think he is calling me out like he anyone knows or cares what he thinks!


Im not an internet tough guy! Im the real deal bud and you come here pointing fingers at me and shit talking me yet no one knows who the hell you are. I have proven myself here at this forum and consider all of these guys here my family so if you arent gonna be respectful of any and all opinions that maybe you are right this aint the place for you!


sigh. okay real deal tough guy.

you’re the best and toughest around, you win.


You are too cute!


My coach says im the best around.
Just a couple more months and I’m getting a white stripe.


@MBTJR1980 my personality I don’t take up offense or defend anyone online. The nature of forums is that I can’t judge by the written word because words are a very small part of communication. Without context and emotion who really knows what is being expressed.


Maybe we got off on the wrong foot. Lets put it behind us and welcome to the board


thank you!

i really really appreciate that. i’ll do what i can to help the community


Im sorry if i came off as a dick i really am nothing but a big teddy bear inside bro! If you read my posts you will see im a bit rough around the edges but i mean the best with everything i put out there in my posts. Much rather make a friend than am enemy anyday and everyday. If you need anything please dont hesitate to ask ive been doing this 21 years so i feel have a lot to offer knowledge and experience wise at 38 years young :wink:


like I said brother, i don’t and never had issue with you… I just don’t like the violence, whether real or implied. had some bad experience. I think its better to bring out the best out of people instead of the worst and i try to live by that

its my mistake too… had i worded my first post better im sure we wouldnt have any issue at all… but you welcoming me nevertheless is big to me, thank you again!

always happy to make friends!


Well now we are def friends brotha water under the bridge or is it over the damn? Lol you know what i mean glad to have you here with the rest of us good people at UGMuscle



Now lets hug… here is a tissue to wipe away those :sob:


Lmao like i said you are a funny bastard :grin:


Great results can always be achieved with laughter. I am glad my sense of humor has a positive effect on you. :wink: