It's here.. It's here!.. It's here!


For the entire month of December International shipping will be closed due to holiday carrier traffic…

Hold on, don’t hit that panic button quite yet, because we will continue to have our FAST/LOCAL service up and running for your AAS needs…

With this said, cheers to the NEW year, wishing you and your family a joyous and blessed holiday season to come…

Thank you everyone for an other successful year, and looking forward to a new and prosperous 2019,

best regards,
Team PSL
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Have a safe and very merry Christmas!!!



Site says Dec. 4th Neighborhood Service will be back up and running. When can orders be placed?



It’s December 4 and PSL domestic ordering is available again.


I am ordering some neighborhood jollies for stocking stuffers!


Tren tree could make a good christmas card…


we LOVE stocking stuffers!!

Cialis or Viagra for him, or even Clens & Vars for her… :slight_smile:


Actually female dosing of Viagra is becoming popular. Vasodilation is NOT just beneficial for a man. :wink:


they been making grounds on that for some time, and REALLY pushing it… I FULLY SUPPORT IT!!! I think it should be made mandatory that ALL women take some V’s everyday…


Yup, just saw that. About to order a few items!!


SpencerCortez, if you pull some blood work and post your results I’ll compensate you for that and give you store credit for your troubles :slight_smile:


That’s pretty awesome that you’re going to keep everything logged for the community… that’s the type of stuff that is a game changer and it keeps everyone in the know…
What I normally do to show people our commitment and confidence that we have with our products, I will offer them a reasonable discount off of a future order if they are willing to post blood work of previous product that they have acquired from us… if in the event you place an order in the future I could give you credit which is equal to a freebie if you want to call it, for posting blood work… it’s my way of showing our unwavering dedication and commitment to our clients and Friends alike… :slight_smile:
Please keep me updated and let me know when you begin this journey because I’m going to be right behind you brother! I’m excited for you…


I got my domestic Jolly order in just in time for Christmas!