Iron junkie labs member of the month september




I would like to thank @Iron_Junkie_Labs for sponsoring the member of the month contest for September. The rules are as follows:
Member with the most posts and the most likes throughout the month of September will be the winner.
You can copy and paste posts but you have to add to them your opinion of the article.
Any links left in a post that has been copy and pasted without being proof read to edit out the links will be a disqualified post.
Links that are acceptable will only be links to show where the information originated from to show ownership or give credit to the original writer.
Remember that you will need to add your opinion to the post or even your outlook or more original information written by you.
You will need to make it clear where your writing is by titling the information that you wrote as information written by you.

I will not go through and edit any violations they will be removed from the site and competition and by my discretion could disqualify you from winning.

Remember that when you like someoneā€™s post it is an important thing donā€™t just like a post in September just to like the post we want the best member to win not just someone who gets alot of likes just because.

@Iron_Junkie_Labs will post what will be the winnings. I will at the end of the month find out who had the most posts and likes and then announce the winner. After that contact @Iron_Junkie_Labs through email to discuss the winnings.





Way ta step it up Iron Junkie. Thanks for the donation. Great sponsor here my friends with some great gear.


Its gunna be a great contest for sureā€¦ Hopefully lots of action and lots of logs


This is going to be awesome, hoping to see alot of good posts and good information being sharedā€¦ good luck everybody and again thanks @Iron_Junkie_Labs


Everyone is going to just let a certain member run the rest of you over in this contest.
Lets get some posts up and get this contest going because right now its 1 member leading the pack.


Still early @Bigmurph!


What am I supposed to do? So Iā€™m that far ahead? Iā€™m gonna tap the brakes and make it more interesting. How do you win anyways?


Get involvedā€¦lol


Posts and likes combined =winner

So whoever has the most educational posts that members then like will get you the win.


I donā€™t think ā€œeducationalā€ posts were originally stated! ?


If I had to give ā€œeducationalā€ posts it would go to @SemperFi


I am excluded from any promotion @josh. I have learned much more from the members at UGM then they have from me but I am glad that you find the information I post educational.


I doā€¦I love reading your threads


Well I did say that someone was running forward to the win


Just staying activeā€¦
Ask, educate, learn, be persistentā€¦ :v:


Lol your a trip brother


My wife says the same thingšŸ˜


Everybody still involved?