Iron Junkie Labs (Athlete pack on the way)


With @Iron_Junkie_Labs quantity in products and your own self motivation…I guarantee nothing will stop you from reaching your goals!

My pack should land tomorrow (NPP, TNE, DBOL (inject), DBOL (oral), SUSTANON 350, PROVIRON, ARMODAFINIL.

Whatever I need my main man, my Athletic Sponsor, my advisor. @Iron_Junkie_Labs never fails to take care of me and my needs with the quickness the same he will do for any of you here at UGM! IRON JUNKIES PROUD ATHLETE!Image_2910






Sweet brother my pack is also landing tomorrow


Happy we can be there for you brother through your voyage of stardom in the ring! :boxing_glove: :boom: looking real good brother keep it up! :muscle:


I have been lookin’ at several of his products. Have yet to try his line but I have heard nothing but a quality product.


I’m here to assure you that you won’t be disappointed brother.


@01dragonslayer we sent you an email yesterday brotha!


I have never dealt with a source who has better communication then @Iron_Junkie_Labs, and that’s important to me, like when he gets his donation he lets me know that makes me feel good instead of wondering well did he get it, did it go thru, and he is quite fast and efficient with his service.


Good communication and fast t/a is what separates the good from the great with sponsors! IJL and United Gear are both at the top of their games! Thats why they have the success they have! Both are total gentleman and take good care of their peeps i have utmost respect for how they do their thing!!! Much love and respect my bros :facepunch:t2:


Yes I received…just tryin’ to figure a few things out. I appreciate the contact.


Just to let everyone know IJL has answered numerous questions I had about payment and shipping details. He has been more than patient with me and his professionalism has been outstanding. He has earn my respect and right now just tryin’ to figure out how I want my next cycle to look. I am looking forward to business.


Can weee say MTREN!!