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Hey UGM Community!,

I would like to say it is a honor to be able to provide to our community my passion. The passion to create, the passion to fuel change with products we take GREAT pride in producing.

Rest assured with Alpha Omega Labs, what you see on the label is what you get. Our number 1 priority is and always will be quality. Our CLIENTS trust us with their health and what they are getting is what it should be. No gimmicks, no fillers (besides the orals) no BS, just straight-up milligrams to fuel your bodies to push that extra rep.

Our 2nd priority is turn-around. We know all to well how life gets in the way and you may forget a item. This is why once we collect the funds a message is sent to the shipping team to release the order the same day. Provided funds are made available with enough time for us to collect and make it to the P.O. your order will fly out the same day!

The 3rd and should be up with #1 is safety/security. Our website is hosted in Iceland, has no logs on their end or ours via the shop. We actually ENCOURAGE our clients to use fake names IF they choose to register for “one-click” re-order’s, as long as the package makes it to you, we do not care what name you use.

We are 100% US Domestic so packages will arrive in a timely manner!
We ship flat rate or 1st class for $10 tracking is provided with each order either the same day but in most cases the following morning after it has shipped.

As we grow our product line will increase, again rest assured it will be top quality.

It is our hope that we will be able to help some of you reach those fitness goals, no matter how big or small.

Our website of course is:

Should you just want to use email please email me at [email protected] (our back-up email is [email protected]) and I can shoot you over a list.

Thanks everyone!

Team AOL

Here is our current list for those who do not wish to visit and place their order on our website. We will add new items as we complete testing to insure quality of not only what we make but outside product as well.


Ares (Sust 250mg) -
Achilles (Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg )
Taurus (Testosterone Cypionate 300mg)
Apollo (Testosterone Enanthate 300mg)
Chimaera (Test E 300mg, Tren E 100mg, Mast E 100mg)
Cerberus (Test Base 50mg, Test Prop 100mg, Tren Ace 75mg, Mast Prop 75mg) -
Vulcan E (Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg) -
Vulcan A (Trenbolone Acetate 100mg) -
Hercules B (Testosterone Base 75mg) -
Hercules A (Testosterone Acetate 75mg) -
Hercules P (Testosterone Prop 100mg) -
Zeta Q (Boldenone Undecylenate 200mg) -
Hades E (Masteron Enanthate 200mg) -
Hades P (Masteron Propionate 100mg) -
Thor (Sust 250 + 70mg Test P) -
Nemisis (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 100mg) -
Titan (300mg Testosterone Cypionate + 200mg Nandrolone Decanoate)
Minotaur (200mg Nanderlone Decanoate + 200mg Testosterone Cypionate + 250mg Sust -


Hela (Anavar 10mg per tab) per 60 tabs
Hela x2 (Anavar 20mg per tab) per 60 tabs
Atlas (Anadrol 50mg per tab) per 50 tabs
Hermes (Dbol 10mg per tab) per 100 tabs
Poseidon (Stanozolol 10mg per tab) per 100 tabs
Lykos (TBoL 20mg per tab) per 50 tabs
Cialis 20mg per tab $30 per 10 tabs

Anti E & PCT

Letro 2.5mg per tab per 30 tabs
Nolva 20mg per tab per 50 tabs
Clomid 50mg per tab per 50 tabs
Exemestane 20mg per tab per 30 tabs
HCG 5000IU

We hope to be able to make your fitness goals a reality or catapult them to new heights! We have several reviews with blood test on another forum and ranked #2 US Domestic on another forum. We are hoping UGM is just as receptive as they have but like anything in life we will EARN your trust and business by providing the best products we can. Everything is made to order, we never produce product from our raws in mass quantity unless there are just to many orders (usually produce a liter of Test and it is gone for that day). This ensures you get the freshest product available (we know some like to horde product).


Nice list! I hear nothing but great things bout AOL!


Have been trying to login via tapatalk but it wont let me use different logins. I am mobile most of the time.

Have Mrs. AO and our rep set on another site this way I can dedicate my time to you guys. Will be posting a promo to get the new year going!

Hope everyone has been having a GREAT holiday season this far!

I managed to eat an entire gallon bag of oatmeal double raisin cookies (half the butter and half sugar!), for some pew pew’s (guns) and a enough ammo to start the revolution if we need it lol. Be back tonight with a promo!




Not sure if I updated everyone on my father…

If you didnt know my father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung & lymph node cancer 6-8 months ago. He has been doing Keytruda treatment and I am happy to say the cancer in his lungs are shrinking as well as the lymph nodes. They did however find 2 more spots which they think they missed initially. Im thinking that as well is most likely shrinking as well. He has gained his weight back, little rash here and there.

So if you know anyone, tell them about Keytruda instead of Chemo (mind as well play Russian roulette).

Have a good weekend everyone!

“Give them nothing, but take from them everything!”


HGH now back in stock with limited quantities.