Insurance Blood Test


So I got my gear (Sust 250) back in Feb. I pinned once and had to stop due to family reasons

Last Sunday, I did my first pin since early Feb (1cc of Sust 250). The very next day, I was made aware that I had to take a urine and blood test for life insurance.

My question is, do they test for gear and if they don’t surely 250 mg of Sust couldnt change my liver enzymes or other vitals much or enough for them to know… right? My blood pressure was great so I know that wasn’t effected.

After I get my results Ill finally be able to begin a nice cycle. I’ve never done AAS before and I’m eager to get going. Thanks guys


I forgot to mention that I pinned on Sunday and my test was on the following Friday. So roughly five days apart.


It might push your levels up a little but they don’t have a base line so you should be good brother


I believe sustenon should not change your liver enzymes I also know that the type of substances they are looking for does not include AAS. You will be fine my brother


Usually insurance blood test screen for nicotine and illegal drugs like amphetamines or opiates.


None of us can say 100%, but as others said pretty sure you will be just fine. Life insurance test won’t test for that and it shouldn’t change any of your levels crazy after one dose so that you’d get a bad score and higher rate. Assumig tbatvwas your main concern.


Thanks guys for your help. I think I’m worried when I shouldn’t be.