Injectable version of DBOL


Anyone else have a detailed experience and opinion to share concerning injectable dbol compared to oral. Anything is appreciated.


I’m kinda new to this but I have takin oral Dbol and also the injectable… I am on a Test/Dbol/Npp cycle. So I am currently running the injectable Dbol… I’m starting week 4. I would say if u don’t mind the extra pinning then Inj. Is the way to go… I don’t have near as much bloat and it has me feeling like I could flip over cars if tried… I feel better overall on it also… the oral Dbol would have me feeling lethargic or not hungry but not with the inj…


I really wanna try some. Only downside for me is that they all (at least ones I’ve see ) contain g which is toxic and scares the hell outta me even In small amounts.


G what?


I’m tryin to find bad things that are labeled g


Guaiacol lol it’s used very minimally and prolly fine in that small dose as tins are fine but I still am iffy on it. Haha


Oh I thought that it wasn’t that cause it was a obvious “G” dam it outthought myself again, thank you @Fitraver


@MBTJR1980 never had a beard until he started using inject dbol…


LMFAOOOOO!!! @UNITED Unfortunately came out the womb with a full beard and back hair! :wink: j/k i had a goatee in 8th grade though no bullshit.




Wow that’s some potent shit then, I usually grow my beard during hunting season, sept-Jan maybe give it a try…haaa


I’ve been using inj dbol for a week now. It’s been great and I have had no issues pinning with a .5mL slin needle . No knots and no pain . The only reason I decided to experiment with the slin needle was for daily injections. Just wanted to see if it would work PWO and it does for me


Is the .5ml a 30 guage slin pin at 5/8th?
Im just curious I have some 30 guage slin pins that are 1 inch but its just so hard to push oil through them. I have been trying to use smaller pins im using 25 guage 1 inch but haven’t ordered anything smaller guage to try yet. I know that I would never be able to push pharma grade through anything smaller than a 23 guage the oil is just to thick even if heated.


@Iron_Junkie_Labs dbol I was able to draw with the 31 gauge 5/16. I was in shock. It’s not really fast but it draws up. I stick my quad easily with no pain. And it does not need to be real deep.


That’s great that migrol is an amazing carrier oil.
Thanks brother


Absolutely brother.


that is amazing oils there :wink: thanks for the update brother! @Jstan


My all time favorite dbol would the blue hearts, I’ve ran about 4-5 cycles and the only other time the dbol came close to the blue hearts was @Iron_Junkie_Labs injectable dbol. I tried his caps, they didn’t do much for me but the injectable was amazing. You’re gonna love it.


I is still the same liver toxic, does not increase half life, but why not inject it with Test Base and winstrol, I love BASE.
One day I’’ inj Test/Tren/Dbol base in water suspension and go nuts.