Injectable version of DBOL


Hey Gang,

Quick question. At this stage in my life I am pretty much done taking any orals. I am not saying I will never take them again but I am saying not today. :wink:

I have a question about injectable dbol…

I would imagine that the injectable version is more bioavailable and if so how does this affect the dosing as compared to oral administration?

Thank you in advance for your input and experience in this matter.



With any injectae oral you should get more out of your dose for less compared to capped/presses oral dosing for the reason you stated. I know a sponsor that had adrol and people always said 25 from the object was as strong as 50 in pull.


Makes sense to me because of skipping the first liver pass.


My two cents is way better then oral version, I had no bloat, my appetite wasn’t destroyed, and I used @Iron_Junkie_Labs comes 100mg/ml so yeah I used half per shot


Thanks for the input.

30-50mg of DBol is my oral dose. If you are taking up to 100mg orally when you do the pill form… WoW. That’s a scary dose devil dog.


I agree haha. That’s huge dose.


I believe he meant he takes half a ml shot from our inject dbol which comes at 100mg/ml so he injects 50mg. Is this correct @John ?


That’s what I am understanding but if it is more bioavailable than the oral version that makes a big difference making it a huge dose. I ain’t judging. Just wanting to see how others are using it and any knowledge about the bioavailability question.


@SemperFi i agree :point_up:


But he does write about how hes beasting off it so it makes sense haha


Yes brother thanks


I have used it orally in the past just as pwo didn’t think much of it at 50mg, then I tried his inject version used as pwo, it’s fun… I don’t use it all the time


Using it occasionally or PWO wouldn’t be what I want to use it for if I use it. I would cycle it
splitting the dose throughout a 24 hour period to midigate hormone peaks and valley. I would want it for a specific cycle purpose over the PWO benefits.

I loved dropping 50mg PWO… Made me feel like Batman!


Ha ha Batman


I got tattoos to prove it. :wink:


I really have felt better with inj. anadrol, dbol, etc. VS the oral version especially capsules. I had a chance to use inj. anavar about 4 years ago. I really felt strong and “healthy” on it. Funny word. I will be using IJL, united and any other srcs “injectable Oral” in a little tourney to see which is best all around!!:grin:


I just came off 4 weeks of @Iron_Junkie_Labs oral and inject dbol split. I’d do 25mg inject in the am before the gym and 25 oral 6 hours later and another 25 oral 6 hours after that with great results. Dr restricted me to no lifting bc of a back injury for 2 weeks and still managed to add 5 lbs not even touching a weight for 2 weeks.


I have found that the injectable version of an oral has always been more effect with me. I also believe that it is not as harsh on your liver during the metabolizing process. If their is an injectable form of an oral I almost always opt for the injectable with maybe the exception proviron.


I’ve also noted that with orals I tend to be a little more lethargic…anyone else?


Inj version is waaaaaay better! Orals destroy appetite make you feel toxic, blood pressure goes up, lethargy just shitty all around. Inj version none of that shit just feel pumped as fuck plus appetite increased vascularty increased strength increased all off of United’s 50mg/ml product. I used 50mgs eod. After a couple months off of it im now using if with TNE as a preworkout 100mgs TNE and 50mgs inj d-bol that combo is fkn :fire: i literally am a silverback gorilla in gym! Pumps so painful my skin is gonna split! Love it!