Inflammation and possible infection


Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with paramexer Labs quality of injectables I’ve heard nothing but good things on here about delivery and customer service I was just wondering if the product is any good because I have a friend who got some test e. And every time he pins it’s very painful he says and swelling four days similar to T400?
I would like to try the product for myself so any information about the quality would be greatly appreciated thank you.


We havent had any complaints. How experienced is your friend?



no one has contacted me with any issues except one member had issues with polysorbate 80 in TNE.


Ok sounds good no worries probably just a couple of bad injections was in the glutes and sometimes you know how if you don’t get it in the right spot possible to hit a nerve or something like that just gets irritated. Thank you for your insight though I really appreciate it.


Very no worries probably just a couple of bad shots it was in the glutes and sometimes if you don’t get it just right you hit a nerve or something like that and it gets irritated no big deal just wanted to consider the source that was all thank you.


Never used them myself


No problems with prop, mast , tren. I use 22 to 23 g and gotta have scar tissue every where
3ml in glutes, 1.5 to 2 in delts. I mean I do everything right and ill get a knot here and there or stiffness. There are so many bacteria that people do need to pop it in and o it. If you prissy foot it or push hard on plunger u can get pain. Alcohol in a large surface area, then hit it. I’ve s een the way some do there shit. Little swab , huff and puff, meanwhile air is getting all the microbes to your syringe. Then worse of all don’t do it in the bathroom if you don’t have to. Or by kitchen sink. Two filthy places, even if your clean. I use cavi wipes to clean bathroom and kitchen. Still, I go outside in the yard …just kidding. Sometimes with the best planning things go wrong…however. I’ve noticed on various bottles of different I go gear that if I use a 20 or 19 to draw and change to 22 or 23 after awhile the stopper gets marked up big. Para has 20s so if you hit those 3 times a week or more for 5 to 7 weeks it might allow bacteria to get in the vial. Even if you wipe before and after. It used to happen to the 30cc vials. If bubbles come in then air is too.


lol going out in the yard to pin :joy:


TRAIN…IM SAYING In this case but damn…who gags and pukes during legs, how about up and down rack lateral? No one who’s worried about some pain when pinning! But you do have to take precaution, cellulitis sucks for training.


there could be a few things happening but if he isn’t new and hitting new muscles with pins … I would hazard a guess that he’s got an allergy to one or several things


Hey don’t know if you got my other msg but was wanting a updated Price list and ordering details please. You can msg me here or at [email protected] thanks Kodiak


Take necessary precautions and be very sterile all it takes is one germ to get in there are cause havoc!




Anytime man