Increasing Success



I have found more times than not diet and exercise is a formula for failure. There are certainly exceptions to every rule but if you look at the average gym rat they experience more failures, more disappointments and create more life stress than success.

I believe anyone can experience a higher degree of success by stopping the diet and exercise treadmill, going no where. Instead develop a new level of LIFESTYLE. A regimen of diet and exercise requires commitment and dedication. Unfortunately the majority of us just do not have the discipline to follow a diet and exercise regimen but we all can live a different lifestyle. A lifestyle is second nature and easy to follow.

This is a key factor in my personal development and one that I share with those I train.

If you are seriously looking to improve your success rate in your personal development I recommend you consider your lifestyle.

Method (Time + Constancy) = Results

Method is the multiplier because it has the greatest impact on results.



I used to tell people I was allergic to chocolate etc. So no one would even ask me if I wanted to try anything. It helps make the lifestyle change when others try to bring you down.

Also I used to tell people I couldn’t have carbs cause diabetic. Reality was I wanted to choose the carbs I wanted. Recently at a Dr appointment my doctor told my girl I shouldn’t be eating carbs at all unless in veggies. That cut down the amount she wanted to make for me. BUT the downside is she takes to the internet for “healthy” recipes that are often not healthy. The dumb fucking hi protein click bait that has 8grams of protein per serving and calling it high protein.

But hell. It’s middle of the night here and she’s falling asleep on the ab machine trying to stay awake until I finish my workout.

And I’m taking a little longer breaks then normal posting here lol.


hahahaha @TrenGod I’m dying … hahahaha

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Great post beloved…am all dedication myself,i believe in discipline and commitment


Semper my old friend I have missed your wisdom and knowledge :smile: I agree with that 100%. For most people going on a “diet” means that they are completely changing their eating for 1-6 months for a certain result only to turn around and go off their “diet” and back to their lifestyle way of eating…which results in them putting back on the 20 pounds they lost and then some. I think the idea of dieting should be trash canned and the idea of changing your eating and living a healthier lifestyle promoted. But then I guess that doesn’t make millions cuz of a new fad “diet”, therefore its not promoted by the media and social networks. I honestly laugh everytime someone says they are going on a “diet”. Then when they look at me shocked and ask whats so funny? I just reply why not just slowly change your eating habits and start living a healthier lifestyle every day and make that weight loss permanent? Amazing how many times now I have had that conversation…and hopefully sparked a small thought process that will change someones life for the better forever!