IJL is still awesome! 2nd order recieved!


This is my 2nd order from IJL. I love dealing with these guys, their customer service is amazing!

About their products I have used.

Test Cyp 300 - This stuff is awesome! It pins easier than my Pharma TRT, seriously! I like how they have a more concentrated solution. At times, it will fall out of solution, but all you need to do is apply a little heat, shake, and its fine!.
I dont mind having to heat it, as I prefer the smaller injection because of the higher concentrate.

TNE - Oh man, this stuff is crazy! I have read that other TNE products cause severe PIP. No PIP what so ever! It works really well, almost too well, I get a bit agressive and roid ragey when I take it! LOL.

Anavar - As you all have seen from my previous post, I tested the Anavar, and its legit. After taking it, I can tell you its legit! Good stuff!

Arimidex - Wroks great! Legit product

Cialis - Works great!!

To be honest, I havent had any of their products be anything less than amazing.

Did I mention their customer service is top notch ? :slight_smile:



We are pleased we could be of assistance for you brother, let us know if you need anything brotha! keep growing! :muscle: