IFBB Mr Olympia 2018 Weekend Expo Tickets Giveaway



Hey guys wanted to do a few things for you guys so will be running a few contests. I just purchased 2 expo tickets to give away and if we get some interest I’ll purchase a number of tickets to the final show. Those I priced at little over $400 per pair of tickets so let me know if you all interested and what ideas for the expo tickets you all have!

@UGMain @Bigmurph @Fitraver


That would be an amazing trip if I could get off work I would definitely love to go.
This event is huge from what ive heard


If this really gains traction I could book the hotel and give X amount in cash toward flight/travel as well. But we’d have to figure something out now while prices are still somewhat affordable lol.


Shit I quit and I will take off work
What do I need to do to win lol
This is big I would honestly love to go


Great promo idea TG. Wish I could go but my vacation time has already been scheduled. I am gonna be jealous of the winner for sure.


Holy shit, this is an amazing promo idea! Props to you man.


I’m impressed and very generous of you! I’d love to go!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: nice!




You’ve got my attention!


Thats one of the best promos. Ive seen💪