I put my girl on this protocol


No it doesn’t and don’t feel that you can’t ask any questions

The only dumb question is the one not asked


@Andrew0409 I appreciate your participation for certain. I think you are not getting the answers you want to hear. You asked what we thought and that is what you got. Tell us what you want to hear and you may be able to find a member that will concur. Right now you are getting honest opinions but trying to argue a point based on your initial question is chasing the wind brother… it can never get caught.

If it were me I would asked for other members experiences with T3/T4 from first hand experience.


LOL … I could think of better things to talk about :wink:

like food … I like food …

guys with a nice set of arms …

more food …

other things … lol


no however I still have seen in practice what taking that kind of risk can do so when people ask I will always say playing that game isn’t worth the risk when it can be done just as simply with diet


I have a question @KodiakGrrl


Throw in some Lady Var 10mg a day


shes a model … what would she need var for?


ask …


Im starving and ive been chewing all day. Npp always makes me crazy hungry I love it.
Im probably around 2lbs of chicken already and the day is young I need to reload my slow cooker




Did you say nice set of arms :muscle:t2::muscle:t2: I know someone lol :joy::joy: let’s talk about pizza also :drooling_face:


Do you like to eat.


Yeah oh yeah


Have you never seen @KodiakGrrl food porn on other forums @John?


In all honestly man if you researched everything and really not willing to listen to anyone I don’t know why you would ask.

You asked advice and you got very good advice here but still set on using t3. If she’s a model I’m sure she’s skinny anyways so why even mess with it. Use the tried and true way of diet cardio and exercise.

Not being an ass just how I see things. Anyways keep safe and think long term safety


I have not, this forum stuff, just started here, in March. However, I am quite positive I would enjoy some food porn, seeing as how I am a undisciplined fuck when it comes to eating.


Sorry I didn’t know she’s a model.


I am eating steak for dinner tonight :wink:


I LOVE food !! yeah, I like to eat :wink:


will you be asking how much I weigh next? :wink: