I’m new here and want to give proper introduction


Hi I’m new here and wanted show my respect by introducing myself. I’m 27, Been lifting for 7-8 years now with just two beginner cycles under my belt within the past year (test e, 250 mg/wk for 10wks and test e, 500mg/wk for 12wks). Had great results and plan on learning as much as I can here about everything lifting, diet, gear and training. Me saying hi :wave:t2:


Welcome to ugmuscle.com

If you have any questions or concern forum related please do not hesitate to contact me. As a new member you will not receive access to our dedicated sponsor section until you have a minimum 25 posts.

Thanks for the introduction and we are looking forward to your participation.


Good place to land… welcome to ugm


Thanks man, appreciate it.


Welcome bro. I’m only a few years older than you. If you ever have any questions feel free to hit me up.


Thanks, I definitely will. Ears open mouth shut, something I’m good at lol


Welcome !!!


Welcome bro, great intro.


Welcome to the best damn muscle building forum on the interweb!


Welcome to ugmuscle.com brother sorry I must have missed this. I try to welcome everyone.
If you need anything don’t hesitate to hit me up anytime.


I appreciate all the welcomes, fucking awesome. didn’t even think anyone would respond to this.
I already started implementing Proper progressive overload with all my works outs now instead of being just satisfied with the pump thanks to a post I read by @SemperFi. Thanks again!


Welcome bro!


Welcome to the fold.




Welcome man! This is definitely a great place to learn from. Continued success with your lifting!