I know youre tired of hearing about DNP... but


Long story short i was holding and maintaining at 277lbs with zero side effects… i pissed glow stick yellow for one day… ive been off of it some days now and yesterday as Tren mentioned it would my goo was glow stick yellow… this afternoon i had a chance to step on the scale… coming in at 267… maybe it wasnt bunk DNP…maybe im a freak of nature… i dunno.

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Well look at that
Im glad to hear that it looks like things might have turned around for you.
Hopefully you can use the products and let us know about how they end up working out.
Thanks for the update
We never get tired about hearing good information keep it coming


Dude I was dying reading this lmao . I was told to stay off the scale when cutting and watch the mirror and take pictures. I always surprised the shot out of myself with what some of these compounds can do . Great story brother I loved it


I think the mirror is way over rated… pictures of yourself are were it’s at!


Then you don’t look that good naked. I look fantastic in the mirror so if the mirror imagine is way overated I must look phenomenal in a picture!


I cant speak for you fools… but i had a bit of wood this morning and had to take a selfie send it to a few ladies… not sure ill ever be as conceded as i once was used to tell ppl i got a hardon looking at myself… i dont get confidence i get cocky when i know im looking good.


i didn’t remember until now but i was following a dnp log once and the guy said most of the weight didn’t come off til the dnp was out of your system


At the end of the cycle you will keep losing becuase of how it builds up in your system and highest amount will be the last. The semen markings and piss are guaranteed its building up in his system now. He will also hold some water (even tho it can dehydrate you) under the skin that will come off after the cycle.


Well after the weight drop i was like… fuck it 4 caps every 12 hours we will see where this goes and if the weight drop happens again.


Yeah… kicked my ass today drank about a pot of coffee for the boost… unfortunately ran out of bottled water on the truck bout lunch… mouth was soo damn dry couldn’t spit… had to keep rinsing my mouth with 3 week old cooler water lol… made it though… just picked up 80 half liter bottles of water.


Keep your water intake high. Freeze the water so its semi frozen in bottle and use that throught the day to keep it down. Your side effects may not appear as strong but its definitely in your system.


Ive got roughly one more day of dnp left, been eating hella carbs for past week… hopefully results by weeks end or mid next week.


DNP is no joke and literally melts fat like butter in a frying pan! I remember the yellow semen it freaked me out first time i saw it but it cums with the territory lol nice job on the log and weight loss bud


These are more like hit or miss batches… i got the dark piss… not all the sides… i dont sweat as bad as what ive heard and seen… occasionally about 15… 20 minutes after taking dnp… my gur feels acidic and burning but goes away… over all ill have taken 100 caps… even if i dont feel hot someone will occasionally hug me or try to snuggle up to me and say… im wet and radiating heat.