I have an important announcement BIGMURPH


Congratulations SF! Thank you for being YOU!


Very well said from one hell of a gentleman! Good luck with your new position i know you will do us all proud brother :facepunch:t2:


Congratulations Semper Fi!!!:grinning:


Congratulations brotha :facepunch: :facepunch:


our moderators are intimidating as shit and that’s why everyone behaves over here


Congrats. Good job. Must be time consuming. Is there ever pay for something like this. I always wondered. There should be, because to avoid conflicts of interest or such, don’t you have to keep own posts in check.


Shit if it’s paying now I’ll have to rethink coming back :wink:


Ha ha


Congratulations! Well deserved.


Congrats bro


Good job @SemperFi


Thanks again to everyone. If I can do anything to make your time here at UGM more enjoyable or beneficial please let me know. If you wish to see certain content or more of something specific let us know. This is a community of members and I will be here to support that ideal as long as I can.


Thanks @SemperFi maybe I’ll have some ideas and stuff in a few days for you, I have been off of UGM for a few days as for reasons you’ll probably read up on!


I’ve read a lot of information you have posted since joining. Well informed and happy to see you are getting the accolades you deserve. Congrats Sir!


congrautlations @SemperFi


Congrats brother !


Much deserved! Congratulations!