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Site is using same registrar as Pharmacom
Site domain is registered with http://www.1api.net
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Tracking Number Available ONLY if order over T/A

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Domestic USA
High Quality AAS
HGH ( Human growth hormone )
Pharma and UGL PCT
Fast delivery 2-3 days to your door (READ OUR T/A POLICY)
For your convenience we have 3 labs same quality different carriers and brewing techniques:

  1. i-FitPharma made with GSO (grape seed oil)
  2. Vnum Labs made with MCT oil
  3. Roid Pharm made with MCT oil

Why buying from us

  • Our products are filtered with .22 millipore membrane filter
  • Our products are made with sterilize OIL
  • All vial are filled to 10.5 cc+
  • Vials are capped with Flip off caps
  • Vials are sterilized in dry heat at high temp
  • Our products have minimum to no pip
    Mass specs and labs test

-i-Ifits Test Ena 250
-Vnum Primo Ena 150
-Vnum NPP 150
-Vnum EQ 300
-Labmax Dbol
-Labmax Anavar

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Ifit is alright. I wouldn’t say they are great or bad. Average source is all.

Have you ever used the 1testcyp im thinking about acquiring a couple of vials.