I don’t know how people do it!


So I’m at a very nice resort on vacation. It’s been a very long time since I ate like a “normal” person. All the sweets, the drinks, the big high fat high carb meals. I feel like a shitbag. I get my morning cardio in every morning to mitigate all this excess, but damn all that hard work I did to look good for this trip has gone down the shitter. I know I supposed to be enjoying myself on a vacation but it’s hard to eat like this everyday. Do poeple even train anymore. I can’t get it through my head how people eat like this day in and day out. I don’t like to be a judgmental fuck but too many people down here looks like shit. I guess women like fluffy guys these days. Sad!! Ok rant over. Looking forward to getting back on my chicken and rice.




Theres nothing wrong in treating yourself my friend…as long as its done in moderation.


I’ve noticed that people seem to swell up when you drop in altitude. At 10,000 ft there are no McDonalds and no fatties.


Easier said than done when everything is included. Fortunately I’m still getting my training in.


Bro I used to be the same way. I’m as perfectionist as you come. But what I finally realized as I’ve gotten older is nothing can be ruined in a few days or even a week. If you want, the week ahead eat at a pretty good defector and prepare yourself for what’s coming. Then just enjoy yourself. Don’t even worry about it and miss out on good times with friends and family cuz you’re paranoid for no reason. You fail quick weight and then right back to controlling carbs the week after and maintenance or a deficit and you’ll come right back down again. I just ate like SHIT 3 days two weekends ago, but I’m right back where I was. Up 5 lbs in 3 days then back down. And also KILL those workouts whil you got those carbs in you. The pumps are awesome.


Then its just a matter of self discipline.


I know how we feel dude! I cant eat like shit without feeling like shit about it and stressing about gaining fat. Its just the obsessive complusive nature that most if not all bodybuilders have. When you strive for excellence a and perfection it’s hard to be anything but that on a day-to-day basis especially when you’ve been doing it for over half your life. life is short and you owe it to yourself to enjoy vacation when you work
so hard to be able to have one so just do the best you can prepare the best you can and have the most fun that you can since it’s few and far between! Fyi id trade places with you since im at work while you are on vacation broski :wink:


Definitely beats work, my friend.


Hell yeah it does :+1:t2:


What area were all these fluffy men lol
Where im at im trying to keep up with 80% of the population. I swear everyone here is using gear.


I am right with u. All my rants , my profession. I wanna puke. With all the info, people really don’t know about exercise and diet. Its like they are blissfully ignorant. The past 5 years I have been struggling with everyone I know telling me to “be regular” “you don’t have to do this” your not competing…over and over. I literally have been sneaking around, not to go to bars and raise he’ll…to go to the gym and be in my temple. I treated a fellow who is non compliant diabetic with bp after meds of 180/105…20 years of crisis and is still working and is in late 60s. We all worry if we have a little loose skin. Maybe there is a body dysmorphia disorder linked to it. I accept that then the alternative . genetics and picking good parents play a role but what is more healthy? 250 lean taking our preferred supplements and really no meds for most of us…statins, ace inhibitors, beta blockers…etc. Or 30% bf and a pill for this and that for life and…AND LOOKING LIKE SHIT. THERES few things better then getting that pump and hitting a few shots with noticeable new veins(visible) and striations. Hell yes.