🤔How to approach someone or make a suggestion without seeming insulting?🤔


:thinking:How to approach someone or making a suggestion without seeming insulting?:thinking:

How would you approach or go about suggesting to someone to possibly consider fitness, dieting and training in which they could really use in their life whether it’s health-related or a mental state of well being, WITHOUT offending them or overstepping boundaries that could be insulting???

What people ultimately decide to do with their lives is there own doing, but what if it’s a dear friend, co-working, family member or even significant other?


I feel that if you include your self in the equation it goes over alot easier. For instance saying to someone " hey would you wanna maybe head to the gym with me someday" sounds alot better then " hey I think you need to hit the gym".


I “try” to compliment people and encourage others and I’ve “tried” the hey come with me to the gym, but it seems to fall on deaf ears…I’ll try anything to help with their self-worth if they appear to be showing signs of lacking any positive vibes or energy… But it can be difficult making suggestions… I guess if we really care about that person, just keep leading by example… But, HOW MANY EXAMPLES CAN WE POSSIBLY MAKE? :frowning:

What gets me is when they ask for suggestions because clearly most of us appear to be “in the know” physically, but yet anything we say or do falls onto deaf ears… Lack of self motivation and possibly intimation could be a huge factor for most… The gym can be a scary place for those that are unfamiliar, and most people that “attempt” to diet fail and have no desire to give it a Nobel effort, deeming all diets worthless when it fact it was probably 100% lack of consistency or understanding on their end…


I aslo believe in setting realistic goals for myself and others if they truly do want change in there lives. When people hit there goal it tends to motivate that individual to push harder and set more goals.


My wife listens to her friends about this new diet, or this fad, but most of these 'diets" have ZERO fallow up plan… Its a commitment that is a lifestyle and a way of life, not just a set dead-line for summer or a wedding/event…

I agree that people need goals, but they also need to understand that its a way of life, not just some deadline to meet… There needs to be a follow up protocol… whats next after you meet your goal? this is where people fall off…


Your absolutely 110% correct, it’s a lifestyle and not a deadline, this is what generally people tend to comprehend. But what gets me is after all the hard work and effort you put in, how good you feel and look, why would it not drive a person to continue on this path? Maybe that’s what separates us from the rest🤔


EXACTLY… This is what separates us, because we “continually” go back to the grind just to break ourselves down all in the name of self-improvement… There has to be something wrong with us if we enjoy destroying ourselves just to better ourselves!


This is probably the truest statement ever.
I weighed 260+ all bf% no muscle. I changed my whole lifestyle and today im 230ish with some chunk because I don’t enjoy being 10% but I look good.
My wife does exactly what you talk about lose 40 lb put on 60lb lose 60 lb put on 80 lb where does it stop to when someone realizes I need to keep with it and like me you don’t have to keep with it hardcore just enough to stay within range of healthy but a comfortable healthy.

I can’t stand the yo yo dieting dropping massive weight to just go back to all the bs you did before that you know is going to cause you to gain it all back.

What aggravates me even more are the diets that say don’t workout its bad for your diet just eat only what we tell you.
That’s called starving someone and is extremely bad for the body.

Its crazy out there with some of these dangerous diets


I think it really depends on who the person is to you and how you approach them. If it’s a wife/gf/fiance that can be delicate. Similarly if it’s a family member but to a lesser degree. A friend, a real friend, will more than likely see that you are being genuine and looking out for their best interest. Aquantences may not see it the same way. In the end though, it’s all about the approach. I often don’t make it about the physical as much as possible. Everyone has some type of mental issue they deal with day to day that they find difficult at times to deal with. Especially during more stressful times of their lives. So I tend to go that route. Explaining how you feel better, sleep better, have more self control, think more clearly, are less stressed out etc etc seems to be more accepted than the physical.


Well said