How many ladies do we have here?


ugm. im sorry im pissed


Sieg, it’s ok…its nice to have such great big brothers and sisters …love you guys!




@KYTrapGrl516 I have sent you a pm!


@KYTrapGrl516 sorry for what happened I see it’s been handled by @Fitraver @SIEGMUND and @Bigmurph if you need anything else I’m also here for you. And keep us posted on your log we love seeing results and keep
Lifting big weights “nothing but a peanut”


I’m a bit overwhelmed by the comments here, I’m willing to forward a copy of all our correspondence, I never said I was looking for someone with 10% BF !
From the conversation with her I understood that she using products that I could not understand the logic of And do not fit my purpose. My goal when giving a free product is to get the full effect, not to throw money into the trash. Thank you.


Mods already have that correspondence. I’m sorry my cycles dont meet your level of logic, but I can tell you most of those cycles were designed by the folks that you see listed above and my trainer. You never said anything about it fitting a “purpose”. The fact that you are saying that there would be no “full effect” of your product unless I was 10-15%bf just tells me that its not going to to do much anyways. When you are already that low its more likely diet that would get you lower, not clen and yohimbine. Thanks for thinking you would be throwing your money in the trash by working with me…nice touch. Next time, just let your rep speak for you…you will probably get farther in the game. He PM’d me already apologizing for you.


I officially have shot this dog…buried it…done.


Thanks, PHD! Nice of you…just separates the douchebags from the real folks who want to provide a solid purpose here. Now this money wasting trash is going to do her ritual and get to the gym and lift some heavy shit…


This thread is under review by until all facts are determined




here at ugm
we want to be fair to members and sources alike
just like ill go to bat for a member i do the same for a source i always have. …

i read all the replys between you all , and in noway did ukm. disrespect or call fat or any

the exact word was (it works best for 10-15% fat ) in noway did he say fat , also in noway did he put down powerlifting or female…

actually. ukm went out of his way to help , and i even see where ky you said (what would you suggest maybe thats why i been stuck )

right is right wrong is wrong , and i hope you understand also the lanuage barrier.

if you were offened in any way. you have my deepest appilagies , and i pray you accept.




Thank you Sieg for clearing the air. I also just saw the emails this morning when I woke up. I knew there was no way ukg would ever say something like that. I appreciate the mods looking at this with an open slate and also for the apology.

And yes I did apologize because I was told emails had been seen by a mod showing ukg called you fat and not an athlete (which I found out now he had jumped he gun and I forgive that… no grudge from me it happens), which was not at all the case. If that had been true of course an apology was deserved and I stepped up to do so. But now I see that was not the case at all.


Thank you Sieg,And all the others.


I’ve known @Ukgear for a few years now. Reading this the allegations surprised me as I knew that’s not the way he is. He’s a good, honest and reliable source. He’s never said a negative thing about anyone or put anyone down even when people deserved it (hell everyone knows I’ll say shit if I feel the need- he stays out of stuff like that). The guy I know helps people and can be straight forward at times but never negative and actually wants his clients to get the best and achieve the best. That’s not how it is for many sources out there. For alot it’s all about the money.

What occurred in this thread was troubling to say the least. What was told in thread was complete lies.

He never called anyone fat.

He never stated he was looking for someone under 10% body fat to run his product.

He never put down powerlifters (he actually sponsors some)

He honestly tried to help by figuring out why they were running a product that was inconsistent with what their goals appeared to be. Given the stats and stated goals a female should not be running a cycle a test at the time. This is well known in the industry. Saying a “trainer” said to do it without any reason or justification is pretty sad.

IMO people should never jump against someone be it a source or another person without some facts in the matter. This thread shows why people should not to this. In the future threads such as this will be handled in a different manner. Every one is always welcomed to speak their mind but if the facts show otherwise be certain we will call that out!


Thank you @TrenGod for the way you handled this.


Its a bit late to reply to the request for my opinion on clen… but here it is… unless you are precomp or already lower end of scale on bf percentages and I ll be generous here and say 15% or lower , you are setting yourself up for a serious yo yo ride … it’s so easy to screw yourself and if we are honest we have all experienced it at one time or another by simple things like not drinking enough water … not taking in enough fiber and or skipping the probiotic … get your eating habits under control and find what works best with your system … I prefer a high protein high fiber low carb diet when I am stripping off fat. That is what works best for me I add carbs back in slowly and when I feel as if I am too fluffy (based on what I see in the mirror AND how my clothes fit) then I pull the carbs out. I m honestly not interested in being 10% bf or lower anymore …it is hard on the system not that easy to maintain for a lot of people and just doesnt’ serve my personal needs. Get labs get your diet in gear for real understand that when you do cardio to lose fat it is a slower pace /lower heart rate … and then add in supplements … expecting the sups to do the work for you and keep the fat off isn’t going to go well particularly when you come off and you do have to come off. sorry for the rant :wink:


Ow how I have missed you mi amore :slight_smile: