Honestly something i am not sure about


So…i never did it out of fear…

is it safe to take a pre-workout like dust or c4…AND THEN do cardio?..

i find my self dragging in cardio and once i get on it i am on it…but the whole time on an hr slot i am tbinking ugh…i should just do the 35…and actually a couple time i changed the hr while doing it to 30 by hitting the cool down button…so…i know when i am on the dust…havn’t tried the c4 yet…just got it…i feel good and i am ready to go and i get a really nice work out from it…

i just fear my heart would explode :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

i had pretty high blood pressure a bit ago…but i got it down alot so it sits at like

the top number gets to 116 sometimes

i tried strong coffee ans it does help…but…still dont give me that drive like a prework out do…

what do u think…

tough it out like i been doing?

stick with the strong coffee?

or its safe ti do a prework out…

i really want to step up my cardio.


Safety would all delend on the person and what their heart can take. For me I take ore workout before lifts and I’d say my lifts get my heart racing more than most cardio. But someone who has a bad heart or is old or whatever other circumstances then it may be a bad idea. There is no yes or no. Same reason those things come with those disclaimers on them.


@fitstudboi have you ever tried exogenous ketone salts instead of a pre workout heavy in stimulants?


i always get a amazing gym time with weight with it…but i take it sparingly because of another fear that continued use could damage the heart or arteries…so i often tough out a weight session i may take a pre work out once or twice a month…hence why i STILL have a container of dust with dmaa in it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: its not unusuall for a container to last me two years or have to toss it cus it expired…on this container though i may have only 4 servings left…just do o e scoop lol!!


no…i have to look that up. nevet heard of it actually


They taste like diesel but the energy is rocket fuel!


i will look for it and get it.


I am also looking it up


It’s interesting, what brand do you use @SemperFi?


Nutricost Ketone Salts (unflavored). I add lemon and monk fruit crystals to hide the taste or simply guzzle a serving in 8oz. of water.

They are great for those fasted training sessions you do not subscribe to. :wink:


Ha ha you got me on that, I still may give it a go, but on pwo stuff, I find myself quickly becoming dependent on it to “get me going”, especially when I was using injec dbol and tne, I have gotten better, at resisting the urge to use pwo such as I got a bottle of tne that’s lasted over a month


You should write a booklet on supplementation and nutrition bro.


@TrenGod I will put a “ Feel Good” simple supplement protocol together today and post it ASAP. It is almost a must use when using Tren and is great for everyday use for anyone. The great thing is that it is only two cost effective items.


ugh…too many choices on amazon :rofl::rofl:

ooops ok i see your brand u put…i will go look


this right?


@SemperFi I demand my primo deca answer first before your nutrition guide :wink: jkkkk I’m def interested in what you put together. I love your posts.


I def second that idea. Put together some info for us big dog!!


Yeah like Nike says, just do it!


Even the name makes you feel like destroying something


Looks and sounds good, but can it beat a pwo mix like inject dbol and tne…??