Hi brothers, brief intro


Hi my brothers in iron, been lifting since I was 15, competed in the npc from 2011 to 2016, top placing 15th usas, after that I took a break and now just working out to be big and fit, very happy to be here after alot of looking around ugmuscle seems the place to be, alot of good info and plenty of iron brothers, will help community as much as I can.

The unicorn


Welcome brother. That’s a pretty good track record to say the least lol. Looking forward to your input in the community


Thanks brother, loving the design of the site…


Hey brother glad to have a guy of your calibre amongst us.
Im BIGMURPH im always here to help with anything you need to know how to navigate the site hit me up you want any cycle advice hit me up.
Thanks and welcome to ugmuscle.com brother


Damn brother that’s generous, happy to be here!!! Thanks bigmurph


Lookin incredible bro. Glad to have your knowledge around.


Thanks alot brother, order pharmacomstore before always treat me nicely, thanks fitraver


This is what we do and how we are at ugmuscle.com we all protect and look out for each other. On most forums they protect srcs actually 99% of them we are not owned by any src and we protect members over sponsors always if the member is right I will fight until the end for them and even ban a sponsor if it comes to that were here for harm reduction not rent lol


Welcome to the UGM fam, looking insane man


Thanks brother, not looking like that now, that was at my prime


Its all good brother muscle memory is amazing and comes back so quickly.
I let myself go and was 260+30%+ and I got back to 230 right now fat around 16-17%
But im injured and will be starting again once I heal up.


Awesome bro. If you ever have any questions about orders or anything let me know.


Welcome. I like your back.


Damn brotha looking stellar, welcome to the family!



Looking great bro, welcome to UGM


Welcome to UGM bro.


Welcome brotha, looking good :muscle:


Welcome to UGM


Welcome brother your a beast!