Hgh question about the tops


I ha e read a lot about how hgh is one of the most counterfeited supplements and Ii have been order and getting a few kits stocked up. Well I noticed that with every order the tops are different. Once they were black once light blue once blue … what I’m getting at is no two kits have the same tops. Is this common or is this something to be worried about… in my thought my supplier is just probably getting anything he can and reselling it… just curious to what u guess would think


Well if its supposed to be what they call “Pharma” grade or a well known brand then that’s likely counterfeited…


Where are you ordering from and what brand? Chinese?


All actual Pharma comes in pens and not vials with colored tops. Those are generics.


Actually that’s not entirely true. Saizen a very popular brand that is pharmaceutical comes in vials



Fair. Got me on that one. I guess if that’s what he’s talking about. I just assumed he meant the “black tops, blue tops, gold tops, grey tops” generic shit lol where the color really doesn’t matter imo


Yea all that’s generic shit it’s hit or miss. But you’re correct on that.


They are generic… I am getting them from one of the sponsors here but will not say who because this doesnt mean it’s not any good… I just find this odd and would think if the sponsor was getting the same product from the same company it would be more uniform and if the sponsor is getting from several different company’s they are probably a reason for that…


@Fitraver Lilly Humatrope still comes in vials.


Only had seen the pens. Didn’t know that. I’d assume it has a label tho right similar to the one PhD posted above? Not like the generics and just blank with a color top?


Yea I know that most true pharm grade come in pens bro that’s why I said what they call “Pharma” grade on their labels but aren’t true pharma grade & the known brands, by that I meant known ugl brands. For example there’s a generic called SuperTropin & they have “Pharma” grade on their label but obviously just generics… In that case though all their GH comes in the same color tops & if its different colors then they’re not original SuperTropin… Btw good generics are comparable to true pharma grade


The only difference then the picture @phd posted is the Humatrope directly from Lilly the sterile solution comes in a vial instead of an amp.


I see. Is that your stash or online pic? :crazy_face:


I took that picture myself…I am learning new skills… finally figured out how to use my iPhone camera. :wink:


I’m on Keto. You’re taking camera pics. What a time to be alive.


That’s a dream I have sometimes. Waking up to legitimate Humatropin stacked up lol


It’s just cap colors. Back in the day they use to mean something now I think they use whatever they have available. I use @mpg gh and he uses two different color tops and I asked what was the difference he said nothing he just ran out of the one color. I tested both and both are good


So there are multiple reasons why there could be different color caps.
First and most popular reason is that when the Chinese generic company makes a batch they just don’t have enough of the same color caps to cap everything.
The second reason can be that the generic gh has different batches and they were just capped at different times.
The third reason is the bad reason. They could be different peptides with different color caps being passed off as gh when in reality they could be anything.
There are other reasons also but it usually just comes down to what color is available to use.
Please contact me about who the gh is coming from. I want to make sure that you are getting hgh.


Or order a gh @roidtest when they are available.


This is an excellent idea
We will be having a test your hgh month coming up and hopefully we can out anyone who is trying to push peptides instead of somatropin