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I wanted to post up how to reconstitute a vial or amp of hcg and hgh.
First things first everything must be sterile I use 2 alcohol swabs on each vial i use to inject or I will even wipe down the amps with an alcohol swab.
Items you will need :
1 insulin 30g my preference
1 vial of bac water or you can use the solution that some hcg kits come with but this won’t allow the hgh or hcg to stay fresh even in the fridge for longer than 48hrs.

That picture shows the 3 items you will need

Rub down your vial and bac water to sanitize them.

Next you can see in this picture that I use 2iu mon-fri so for a 10iu vial I use 1ml of bac water so that when I inject I will pull .2ml into my insulin syringe.

Your hgh should have a vacuum seal. You will know if it does because the bac water should flow right into the vial you shouldn’t have to push the bac water in. If you get hgh that doesn’t have a vacuum seal thats a red flag.

Once the vial is filled with the bac water it sometimes doesn’t mix completely. Do not shake the vial it will damage the hgh molecules. You just want to give it a gentle swirl this will dissolve the rest without damaging the hgh.
The hgh and hcg should be refrigerated but the hcg fertigyn I use i just leave it in the stash until I reconstitute it. The hgh though I always recommend keeping Refrigerated once you get it and then reconstitute 1 vial at a time the fresher it is the better.


Good advice brother


My hcg vacuum pulls that water in so damn fast. I always worry its hurting it. I try to point it to the side but to hard. Even pulling back on the plunger doesn’t helps it just sucks it straight out whether the plunger goes down or not.


Same thing with me i turn the vial side ways with it facing just a little upside down. Thatway it doesn’t shoot straight into the puck


Good info bro!


Yeah I tried to be as detailed as I could. I wanted to upload a video of the whole process and all the different breakdowns with the math to get the correct dose


Great thread brother I wish it was around 17 years ago when I was trying to figure out my hgh