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Hey everyone! My name’s Kevin i’m 20 years old. Iv’e done sports my whole life mostly football but in HighSchool I did wrestling, & weightlifting as new sports so Iv’e known how to workout. I started my first cycle of Tren A & Test E at 19 years old I started doing 300ML of Test E & 400ML of Tren A every week for 2 months & then took my PCT… I’m about to be on my 2rd cycle hopefully soon :} my plan for this cycle is I’m gonna cut & get lean as possible I will start with Test Prop once i’m done with that i’ll have my system built up & use Test E. Iv’e done my own research and watched videos on how do this all & what i’d all need I did it all on my own and tbh learning this all was pretty easy…but I can’t wait to start my 2nd cycle soon! i’ll update my measurements as I progress & my weight.


Welcome bro… lots of good people here to learn from… just sit back and learn, let these guys educate you!


Welcome !!!


Hey man welcome to our lil family here at UGM! Glad to have you


Good luck here @koolaidsbro5


Glad you could make it to the show. Welcome.


Your first cycle at 20 years old was test and tren?!? :scream::scream::scream::scream:


My first cycle at 20 was deca only pinning ED. At least this young man had the foresight to use testosterone and have some knowledge before pinning.

Of course, when I was 20 the internet did not even exist and the microwave was a new add-on in the American household. :smile:


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How did that cycle go for you. Was there a moment u realized u messed up or only until after ?


@Whitehag1344 I put on lots of mass but it wasn’t until years later that I educated myself and learned there is a better, more responsible way. Back in those days we did not have the information or UGL’s that are available today. There was no PCT and cycle education was based on a bunch of gym rats standing around figuring out the best way to get huge short of drinking bulls sperm. We were smuggling gear across the border in body bands or stuffed in our socks.

I made all the worst mistakes and do not want to see a single person repeat any of them. :wink:


That sounds like a lot of high fat high protein meals @john… Dino Hunter for Life!

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@John play catch up… We are talking Dino hunting.


A club for the dinosaurs. Bow,I can’t even remember last time I killed any deer with a gun.


Welcome to ugm
I see you tagged eroids whats your name there.
How did your first cycle go,good gains.
I started young myself but I would say stay away from the tren. I still have never used it.
Good luck and good gains brother


Thank you!


Yes sir! & it was amazing! i’m glad i chose Tren & test as my first cycle at 19 years old