Hernia surgery experience?


Hey everyone… was recommended to have laparoscopic umbilical hernia surgery after putting it off for too long…ugh… has anyone had this procedure? Down time from working out? Thanks… never mentally enjoyable taking extended time off!


I’m in the same boat brother! Would really like to hear what you guys have to say.


I honesty think I have an inguinial one. It acts up every now and then but most of the time there is no pain so I’ve never gone to get it checked out. I read stories of being out of lifting for weeks and that sounds like death to me lol.


I actually had an umbilical hernia surgery in 2013… i was back to light work after a week but wasn’t really able to lift anything heavy for about a month… well they patched it with the mesh… seems like I have more pain in my stomach since I had the surgery then before and in a way i wished I never had it done. So my advice is if it’s not to the point to where u absolutely have to I wouldnt. I believe I actually ruptured it again Tuesday just doing crunches. Stomach is tender in the area…I had an uncle thst also has had to have the surgery twice do to it reopening. . I have seen a recall on the mesh on TV so they may use somethi g different to patch it with I would ask… a lot also depends on how bad the hernia is to begin with. Mine was starting to be visible is why I had it done… but I would not recommend it unless it’s a must


I had a lower groan hernia prob 14 years ago. It sucked bro. Just take your time and let it heal correctly so you heal properly. I was out of work for a week and on light duty for 3-4 weeks. Lifting sucked took a while to fully get back to killing it.

Just let your body heal don’t rush it


Since were talking about hernias I had a hernia pop up years ago and I wasn’t able to get medical attention because of my situation. By the time I was able to get medical attention it was gone. Do they come back?
Can I just not tell its there anymore?
Any advice would be great


From my understanding bro, once muscle and your stomach wall thins and you have a perforation it’s sort of always there. Not sure if they come and go…At least that’s how it has been explained to me. I of course asked my doctor if it’s something that eventually may dissipate…And his answer was no.


Had an umbilical hernia surgery a few years ago. Was back doing light cardio after about a week. Light weights (mostly seated or machines) at around week 3.


Im actually baffled by it. I don’t know if it will one day return or if it is something that just disappeared


Yea typically they don’t heal they get worse maybe it wasn’t a hernia. Thank god it’s gone though that surgery sucks I wouldn’t wish it on anyone


Its not a hernia @Fitraver. I told you its a tumor!


It really has had me confused for along time.
I hope that it wasn’t a hernia and it was misdiagnosed. I also hope that it never comes back because whatever it was sucked.


Oh yeah. That’s right.


Sometimes what happens is the hernia is just so small that u can only feel it doing certain things. Certain movements will cause it to open and kinds push guts out to where u can actually feel it. . Mine would do this for years… and the dr explained it alot better then I can but what happens is the pressure pushes your guts through the hole…


I had the hard spot about 6 inches above my groin. The hard spot was there for about 7 months and one day just disappeared so it sounds like one day it could just reappear


So quick update … had laparoscopic umbilical surgery this morning. Was home by 6 hours later. Obviously, some pain and swelling…4 half inch port holes on my lower abdomen. Would be more then happy to share my healing progress if there is a interest from forum me members. My doctor reinforced (x5 times lol and told my wife to keep watch) to stay out of the gym for 3 weeks … and once cleared, nothing over (20lbs! Ugh) for 2-3 additional weeks. This will certainly be more mentally challenging then physical! Researching various light weigh routine … open to experiences and suggests on high repetition routines to maintain stamina and “some” size! Thanks guy


Great to hear everything worked out for you bud. I would love to hear the healing process as you go along. I myself will be getting this surgery mid February so any info is greatly appreciated


Sure brother… will share my experience over the next several weeks. From a compound perspective, simply on a TRT dosage of test cypionare (200mg week), 2 ius of GH, and 1 cc of GAC amino injections ever other day… will continue to try and keep my diet clean, with low carbohydrate intake.


@Stratfordave glad you made it out alive bro. Good thoughts your way!


I should add… the doctor closed my muscle wall with sutures and used a 4 inch mesh to reinforce the defect…note he also “tacked” the mesh into the muscle wall in lieu of sutures.