Hello Everyone! I'm New to UG


Hello everyone,
I’m new hear and I was given some great advice and was told a good start would be introducing myself. Appreciate the help Bigmurph! I tried doing this yesterday but for some reason it didn’t seem to post, so if it does I apologize. Anyways I am 33 years old and have been dedicated/obsessed with bodybuilding since watching Pumping Iron when I was 15. I love learning everything I possibly can about Fitness and Nutrition, so I can get the most out of my body.

Almost exactly three years ago to the date I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Fortunately after a complete thyroidectomy I was cancer free and I was spared having to go through chemo or radiation. Since I do not have a thyroid anymore I am now hypo and I take a little pill every morning and will the rest of my life to replace the hormone. Since the surgery I found it impossible to gain muscle or lose fat no matter how solid my diet was or how hard I trained. Plus I felt absolutely miserable physically, mentally and emotionally.
Finally I got my testosterone tested and was around 350ng. The doctor said it was low for my age but Kaiser refused to give me a script, so finally about 18 months ago I started my own TRT protocol with a couple of blast since then. I get my testosterone tested regularly from and outside lab and get all my other blood done at Kaiser every month and everything looks perfect. The only thing I have to really watch is my blood pressure, due to my thyroid being hypo I suffer from low blood pressure and even on a heavy blast it never got over 110/60… Since I started 18 months ago I have never felt better and it’s still hard for me to gain but I feel amazing!

The struggle of finding a good source has been a stressful; which led me here. It’s sad how many scammers are out there! Even scarier some scumbag would knowingly poison someone, it’s sad! I had been lucky enough to find a good source and I stocked up enough to get me through the next year but he vanished.Now I’m here to hopefully meet some good people who share my passions for Fitness,Nutrition and Gear. I love learning everything I possibly can I look forward to getting to know everyone. My goal here is to finding some great reliable sources and again meet some like minded people who share my passions.
Thank you to all who took the time to read this.


Welcome !!!




Nice intro. Glad you are well and that you closely monitor your hormone levels.




Welcome to the board.


You know were glad to have you around brother welcome
Hit me up anytime lately work has been holding back my pm replies but im trying to catch up lol


Welcome to the community


Welcome brother! :muscle:
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask anyone! We are a real group of friendly guys here who dont judge people based on the questions they ask. Now there is some stuff that shouldnt be said on the board but its all common sense stuff for most. ( security reasons )
Glad to see you here! Enjoy!




Welcome to ugm


Well said
Much appreciated to let a new brother know that this isn’t those other forums that allow nonsense. No bashing here only help from great guys like @Iron_Junkie_Labs


Welcome to the UGM family brotha! We have the best sources around all in one site so if you need anything dont be afraid to ask :wink:


Thank you all for being so welcoming! Now I just need to figure out this new MAC so it quits auto-correcting and spelling everything wrong.






welcome to UGM!


Welcome… you’re at a great place here! Knowledgeable people!