Hello! An old head saying hi!


Hello all,

I recently discovered UGM and decided to join. The community seems very welcoming with a lot of great info to be learned and shared. I’ve been in the game awhile and have been apart of various forums since 97/98. For you old heads like myself Anabolex was my home board back in the day. I was also apart of Underground Supplements, Renegade and the original Meso just to name a few. Many more as well but have slipped my memory at this time.

I’m just saying hi and look forward to being apart of this awesome community!




Welcome to ugmuscle.com brother. 97/98 is taking it back. Glad to have you around.
Hit me up anytime im always here to help.


Welcome to UGM



Damn @Czworeczki, that’s the best “hi” I’ve ever received…lol…thank you!


Welcome aboard brotha!


Welcome bro!


Welcome from Myself and the @PharmaComStore team.


Welcome to the group!


Welcome to UGM!
Take it easy on the 97/98 @Bigmurph it still feels like yesterday to me! No need to make everybody feel like they are getting up there in age :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Welcome to UGM brother, thanks for the detailed intro.


My birthday just passed awhile back im still adjusting to being a year older and closer to 40. Its killing me lol


Welcome brother from all of us @Iron_Junkie_Labs team!!


Well nice to meet u brutha, I’m new on here myself and also kind been around like a 18yro blonde with big breast, that grew up in a trailer park, and also has daddy issues. No offense to all my trailer park freinds,especially the hot lil blondes. But yea,sorry jus smoked. Glad to meet u!


Lol I’m from the parks myself. That’s one thing that I could never figure out how do the trailer parks produce 8+ level chicks one after another lol
I lived in the parks for about 7yr and I got alot of quality pussy even if it had been around lol


@Bigmurph trailor park or not they all get around! Youd be surprised with some these girls


Nothing surprises me anymore lol


Yea,so true.we had a clening crew clean our living quarters b4 we send em out and the owner lady,which was all prim n proper was an absolute freak. A woman i thought id never have a chance with,after about a week with me being her forman I had her in the buildings busting it up every lunch break…now like 6 months later she still tries to screw every chance she can. women,I guess I’ll never even come close to figuring that shit out .


That means that you are definitely hitting it right if she keeps coming back lol