Have you ever gotten whooped?


I got 3
1.- It was 1979, i was 15 years old and Bill " SUPER FOOT" Wallace was visiting the country and giving some exhibitions ( 90 ml/hr speed round kick, full contact world champion at the time being; full contact was probably the first expression of MMA). I was picked out for one of the fights…i was 15 years old. The day of the exhibition we stood on the tatami…the referee said: KUMITE !!! and i was “horizontal” the next second.
2.- 1999 Late at night i realize i had ran out of coffee so i decided just ride the bike to the convenience store a few blocks away; after buying am getting on the bike and i never saw them coming; i was getting punched from behind left and right…i got one real good with a couple of hooks to the face and dropped…in the mean time the other one was getting me good and i just curled up on the floor protecting my face and the pouch i had around my waist with a lot of many. i walked away from that one and they didnt take a penny from me. Couldn’t work for about 10 days my face was so swollen.
3.- 2009 I was the GM of FIGHT CLUB one of the biggest clubs in this beautiful city by the ocean ; this particular night i was closing and making sure that all the gates were lacked…they attacked from behind, trying to take my pouch from me…i was big and well trained…we danced good; the smallest one ran scared…the other two picked me up and slammed my body on the ground right on top of a tree root sticking out of the ground…it went right in my ribs. I did not move again; they probably thought i was dead. I couldn’t breath deeply in or out for about a month.
Have you ever gotten whooped?


Barfight, where I was stationed, camp lejeune North Carolina, 6 stitches, in lip and was briefly unconscious


And one time in jail I got lumped up pretty good, I got the guy a few times busted his nose, but I definetly lost




Ha ha no excelente


Never. I wrestled from 8 through college then tried to coach but bbing was more important. I started lifting at 12 with the Joe a weider sytem taped to my wall and the bench. My size kept me out of stupid stuff. The times I thought here we go, I kept close quarters, so a skilled strong grapplerd will at least stalemate that situation. Plus I noticed when I was security years ago. Most of the trouble makers, tough or not, have no cardio. If I had to defend my family I know how that would go. I’ve never had to stand in an open space and fight.


Grappling is good, I do not want to stand toe-toe if I don’t have to I want the takedown to get it over with ASAP, ya never know when your gonna get hit with one shot to put you down, my dad was big into wrestling and taught me a lot


My dad was my first sensei, taught me judo


I’m too pretty to get punched, my soft skin would cut too easy. :sunglasses:


Ha ha someone’s been lying to you…


Ive never got my ass handed to me but ive done a lot of ass kicking in my younger years had a lot to prove to the world that i was the man! Lots of drunk stupidity and 2 arrests no convictions thank God but it was fun but dumb! No matter had bad ass you think you are theres always someone out there thatll fuck you up! Lucky i never ran into that dude lol


I know something about it lol Judo, BJJ etc :slight_smile:

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