Hate life off testosterone


So I’m off cycle off trt. Hating life. I have to wait till November to do bloods. I was using test cyp, test e and sustanon. Yeah yeah mixing tests, not all at once, I couldn’t afford the trt so I used what I had left while it lasted. Last shot was 3 weeks ago, I’m wondering in November if my level will drop below 300 , I’m 43, and I’m doing this because my insurance will cover it. So do you think 6 weeks is long enough after being on test for the last 2 years, and stopping 3 weeks ago?? Thanks


So to get this straight your coming off self administered TRT or off a cycle and trying to get prescribed TRT while you’re in the crash?


If you were only using a replacement dose not higher than 200mg/wk I would think that you would be G2G… but if you were using Sustanon last that might put a stick in your spokes because of the deconoate ester. With a half life of around 2 weeks it can remain active in our system for over a month.

Here is a self hack @JJTATTOOFREAK1- Most TRT docs like to have bloods drawn first a.m. fasted. Our natural production of testosterone is generally higher first thing in the morning. One hour before your blood draw drink a 16oz. can of coke or anything high in sugar. Sugar intake can reduce testosterone levels by as much as 25%. Your labs might show you high in glucose but you will know why.


Does the sugar work on his exogenous test, or just his natty production?

You can always go do your own bloods now, wait a week and see what the number is.


Sorry @TrenGod. No I was on trt, couldn’t afford it anymore , did the same dose dr prescribed on my own did a few cycles blast cruze over the last couple years . I ain’t to great at explaining sorry. . My blood test is whenever I want to take it , and it will be the first week of November or 2 nd week , allowing me 5-6 weeks from last injection.


Thanks @SemperFi


Natty only. Nice catch @Burrr. I did not even take that in consideration when I posted my first response.

@JJTATTOOFREAK1 burrr restarted my brain and the self hack will not work on exogenous testosterone levels. Only on your natural production but even so 6 weeks post dose I believe you will be G2G. It wont hurt to drink a can of soda before your test but it will not suppress the exogenous testosterone that might be remaining in your blood. Sorry if i caused any confusion.