Harm Reduction Month- Partnered with RoidTest



Is it ( crashing) happening too much?

I expect it with TNE, and I’ve had deca show up crashed.

I think guys that are new to brewing are sending out the crash prone gear.

Last year I got TNE that I thought was a little weak so I tried the freezer test.
Not a legit test.

It stayed dissolved for days in the freezer. When it finally crashed, it would not properly dissolve again no matter what I tried.
It would look good for a few hours and eventually crash again.


On the discussion of Harm Reduction

What are the primary avenues of harm, and how will we reduce it.

As far as roidtest goes, keeping girls away from compounds other than the anavar they think they purchased is probably the big one. The other harms I can see roidtest preventing would probably be financial. ie, preventing us from pinning weak or plain oil compounds and wasting our cycle time.

What other harms should we be focused on preventing? Poor recovery of natty test can be reduced by using modest amounts of gear for reasonable time spans. avoid deca. PCT

Contaminated gear? things like heavy metals and bacteria or particulates.
No help from roid test, but Millard Baker has that program going that checks for those things. We can always refilter our gear ourselves and take care of the bacteria/ particulate program.

Long term harm reduction, things like blood work and blood pressure checks. Dont abuse the kidneys and the liver. Having awareness that long term use has even more negative consequences.
Just carring around excessive body mass is hard on our hearts and general health.
Dont see many guys at 300lbs reaching 80

I’m sure I missed some stuff. what else have we got?


This is the website that I mentioned that I donate to every couple of months Anaboliclab.com another great harm reduction site. I believe in this site also for harm reduction and if you have extra btc laying around in a wallet send it there way, they do a great service.


I was looking into some studies on obesity. Nothing on bbers but it could be same concept. Your 200 and go to 280 or three. Fat or muscle the blood has to be pumped. I think the big thing is at rest the LV has to fill, the atria have to do things efficiently. Its pretty complex but your right , add steroids and yo yo diets or ding dings and junk it gets worse.


I thought this was an awesome post. got me thinking… there was another thread here about us being addicts. In some cases in the past I have run heavy cycles lasting for way longer than I originally intended. Scared to lose gains and to get weaker. Eventually I was forced to rest due to injury and took my cruise a little more seriously :unamused:… the mental battle of being able to man up and take a healthy break when you’re really feeling like you don’t have a second to spare in life. We all want to succeed NOW but we gotta be realistic and not drag our bodies through hell all the time. Also sometimes things seem expensive or like a waste of time when you could be training or trenning more but I recommend treating yourself and taking the time / $ to get bloodwork, stretching, getting chiropractic/ massage therapy… don’t always take the quickest way


Hit the nail on the fucking head, good words @paramexer




One week left to benefit from a 20% discount from @ROIDTEST for all ugmuscle.com members.


This is true @SemperFi everyone should definitely take advantage of this 20% off.
I don’t want to say to much but I hope that we can show @ROIDTEST that the ugmuscle.com community is interested and wants to use there products.
I would be very happy to hear back from ROIDTEST that the month of November which is harm reduction month was a success and that they want to join our community as a verified sponsor.
This will benefit every ugmuscle.com member because we would have access to roidtest at a discounted rate possibly all the time. We could even see roidtests being given away as prizes for member of the month or any other contest. I know that I ordered my stocked starter set for 100$ when it would have cost $179 I believe full price and even with the cost being $129 discounted as a ugm member I was able to pay just $100 for a kit with 3 amps of each A,B,C,D, plus the uv flashlight. It comes really presentable and with its little carry bag to store everything inside and the entire color page for oils, orals, and raws. This was very convenient not to need to try and search the web for the color sheet and then try to see if they match.
I contacted roidtest originally because I really believe in the product they sell is a really good harm reduction product. I test everything because even if I know my src personally I still want that peace of mind knowing that what im injecting isn’t just oil or a different compound all together.
Imagine if you were injecting test and eq.
You decided to run 1g of testosterone and 1g of eq to then test your gear with a roidtest to find out that you almost injected 2 grams of testosterone per week.
Ive even heard stories of people injecting multiple compounds to then test there gear and find out that everything was just testosterone propionate.