Harm Reduction Month- Partnered with RoidTest



I just gotta say he was very cool with me. I tried to hook him up with a few real jobs…per bber didn’t want to work that much! He still had the bowl haircut. And before he went back to NY, I was squatting 405 the heaviest I’ve went after my knee injury…I was lying on the floor having a heart attack and started talking that I should compete again and while talking casually. Took 405 or 315 and just started squating no warm-up, like a piston. It was the first time I really said …"what are you or did take. C’mon wtf? Same answer. Those guys are just freaks and I consider myself having above average genetic. JJ Marsh was one of the only people to make me puke and I slept in the locker room with a headache. He must of had no lactic acid.


Yeah there was a time he was pretty good guy. Guy tries to help where he can. But the shit his “friend” sold me was all bunk. When I told him about it the fucker he just stopped answering saying he “didnt know anything”. I only went to thru this guy because of Phil.

I heard he scammed alot of other people later in his peptide business. Now hes banned from a few boards. Dont know wtf happened to him that he started screwing people over.


I believe that a 20% discount for our members is generous. On top of a 20% discount we now have a representative to answer the questions that we have about roidtest.
I believe in harm reduction I make frequent donations to a website that tests randomly and I use a roidtest on more products than just those that I post about.
A roidtest is a great tool to very easily identify if you could be wasting time and money on a product that will do absolutely nothing.
As some of you saw I recently tested gear that I planned on using in my next run that the first product I tested which was NPP tested as another compound.
I then tested the testosterone that I had from the same lab and that showed to be just oil.
Roidtest has helped me through the years to stay safe and have piece of mind that what I was using was what I wanted it to be.


That same supplier with the bunk NPP also had some candy orals. A friend took some and said it was just candy. I took a bite and it was made of the the same candy as the “Fun Dip” stick that came in the packs… His response was the supplier showed him a “test” that it was real but he never tested it himself.


Thanks for the 20% off @ROIDTEST - So when something tests bad, is there a way for us to warn others?


Definitely just create a post here and that will get the word out.


I created a category for them so if anyone has a bad test they can go there to warn others or for quesitons.


@TrenGod that pop up was cool lol


This is awesome to have them here. Welcome fellas!!


Excellent point!


We have had a couple of our products tested such as anavar and a few more, and results posted on our page! Please feel free to test any of my products and we will even give discounts to those who do and post results!


The more time I spend reading what this group does, the more I know I have come to the right place. Thanks for the discount and for reinforcing the idea to test everything. Super smart way to stay clean and safe.


This is a great thing. I plan to pick one up for sure.


This is pretty dam cool bro


Good looking out IJL!


Worth it for sure just an added bonus!!


Lets please try to get to bottom of the warming crashed gear… Llewellen has written about doing it at low temp for long period and transferring…for nasties…but what and why is it happening so much? My pictures might give away the makers and they make 45 good things too.


Were they called “j ollys” I forgot the name . they had everything and cheap even vs today.


Yep they were jollies I actually had some that were legitimate they worked but the damn things melted during shipping. I was chipping off chunks lol
Definitely a fail
The strips that are sublingual are real ive used the tbol and it did everything tbol should have. They were much better but I would like to stick with tabs because I can’t test strips or jollies lol


Same supplier but these werent jollies. This were actually in tab form. Just turned out to be candy tho.