Harm Reduction Month- Partnered with RoidTest



We are proud to promote November as “Harm Reduction Month” at UGM. With this we have a partner in RoidTest to help everyone learn more and get better at testing vials, and learning what you are putting in your body.

The stats are 1 in 3 are tested fake. We are looking to reduce the amount of risk associated with counterfeit steroids.

RoidTest will offer a 20% discount for all UGM members for the month of November. Coupon code: UGMUSCLE

Additionally the steroid Guru himself, William Llewellyn and Tim Zakowski will be on hand to answer questions on UGM.

William Llewellyn is a research scientist in the field of human performance enhancement. He is also author of the bestselling ANABOLICS book series, and is also a longtime advocate for harm reduction and legislative change. Currently serves as honorary lecturer at the Centre for Public Health at Liverpool John Moores University.

You can hear the hour long interview with Bill Llewellyn on RXMuscle with Dave Palumbo here:

UGM is very proud to have William Llewellyn and Tim available to help out. This is a fantastic opportunity for @members to learn and take advantage of the discount for the month! The date for the Q&A with Bill will be announced but Tim is available now @ROIDTEST


SO COOL!!! This is excellent all around.


Excellent addition to UGM. Welcome and thank you @ROIDTEST


Where are they buying all that fake gear?


Seriously burrr… Not a welcome or even a hello?


Hahahahshahshs I think he means in general lol not on here bro. And where the hell uou been


Honestly theres alot of bad sources out there. Hell a long time ago I even got screwed by someone from Phil Hernon. Ended up a bunch of fake drol and other products. Also in some cases its not the UGL fault as much as it could be the raws they were sent. Ultimately it will be you putting it in your body so A quick test helps to make sure its the right product. One of the reasons @Bigmurph tests with roidtest also. Were lucky to have some great sources here.


damn i bought mine yesterday :confused:




Thank you all for the warm welcome! We look forward to being a part of the UG Muscle community and answering any questions that you may have.

Be sure to use coupon code UGMUSCLE for 20% off site-wide at ROIDTEST.com all through November. Cheers to UG Muscle for shedding light on the important topic of harm-reduction.


The stats are one in three tested are fake… what stats are those? I don’t get it it, how does it correlate to the one in three that people purchase here? I am asking not being a dickhead


Stats from RoidTest reported users I believe. Weve seen some stuff we’ve tested from people wanting to be sponsors that we’ve turned away. But we’ve also gotten alot of positive tests from sources we verified here. Its a great question and one better to answer would be Tim on what they see.

We spend money testing products periodically and especially if we ever get complaints. In all cases of complaints we havent had any issues with our sponsors.


That’s awesome TG that you guys do that, but by any chance do the sponsors know it’s you placing an “order”? (For testing)


Nope. Usually its a random order or from another member.


I do trust the staff’s judgement here, and their protocols that they have in place, I was just curious, and I know my best bet is to test all my own to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks @TrenGod


@trengod @Bigmurph @PHD


Now you can purchase the whole starter kit for around $100 and be stocked up for any compound that comes your way.


Oh know, I knew Phil quite well right after he served…I have some funny stories of course. Nothing real awful…but I did here a couple of the same things.


Great addition…


I want to point out what I forgot to mention before. Guys, if your wife or girlfriend is on a cycle, test her products. Again it may be a mistake on the supplier and not intentional and this is a great way to make sure shes taking what she should be taking. As Ive said before my ex roommate she got fucked up and voice deep as hell from being given the wrong anabolics.