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lol! well thank you. that cable crossover is a awesome set up…you can do endless exercises on it. its awesome! i have wanted oe for years and finally i ran accross a gym quality one on craigs list…i have to get atleats 1000 more lbs of plates because i need a plate station for the flat legpress a and incline…just have one station now for all those areas. I always wanted to get another set of steel dumbells missing 65’s the ones above 100lbs to 150 for when i can hit those lol!..but soon it will be for those days i cant make it out to the gym so by May i will be posting some from my other gyms lol!


oh man i just got in from work…i am tired veery tired and i have to be up at 5 30 am. unfortunately there is just no way for tonight…but i ate descent today…

for early lunch…

then just an hr ago i had two small house salad and 3 cups of tomato basil soup and 4 wings. just the little drumstick part.

the day and evening got to me…i was actually hungry…and kinda lost control there…but i only ate 4 of the 10 wings and saved the rest till i will be able to earn them…didnt get to making my soup tonight. will tomorrow night.


That first meal looked amazing.


@Fitraver yes thats more like how i should be eating right? :rofl::rofl: i know :rofl::rofl::rofl: ok so curious have u ever tried blackstone’s Dust? be honest its awesome but is it ok u think to take with every work out? i will be honest its amazing and i get my best work outs when i take it…i just am afraid i might be doing damage if i do any pre work out drink for a period of time so i will use it maybe omce a week or once every other week when i could really use it every time if i could lol! what do u think? do u use a pre work out every gym session on weights?


I have never tried it. If it’s just a preworkout you should be fine. That isn’t one that has DMAA in it is it? I use pre Jym.


u know i dont know i have to look if it does is that bad? i am clueless on what most stuff means…i just know it gives a awesome work out energy and endurance and seem to make me stronger


It was just banned in us.


tonight i missed the work out. …last night at like 2 somthing in the morning the circulator pump for the water furnace to my buddy’s appartment failed…woke everybody up. so i had thought we may not get the pump to day but tomorrow…apparently the pla e had one in stock…some how i swore that there was a shut iff at either end of the the pump or on the line …some wherr so ut would be a easy replace and get to working out…nope!!.. so lrts nust say it took a while…and here i am at 1 am…so two days missed ok…i am off tomorrow so just get back on it …i guess i will call those two days my forced rest days :neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::rofl::rofl:


@Fitraver :fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful: it does! :frowning::slightly_frowning_face::frowning::frowning::frowning: so i cant use this… i was just about to use it for my work out. it works soo amazingly…i had this for a loong time as i dont over use stuff and i always use the least dosage of stuff so i may take this once a month or a few times a month and just one scoop and i do that because i am always fearful of preworkouts anyways and that they may mess me up…my heart or arteries from use…so i usually tough it out for most…like 90% of my gym times…but wow…this is disappointing…i saw that they have a version 2 out…so the one i have they probably discontinued a while ago…but the new version may not be as good. oh well…i will be toughing out tonights​:frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:


You can still use it bro. I’d just look up and see what you think about it and if you are okay with it. You def must have their old version. I know people loved that stuff. Haha. I never got to try it. I forget why it got banned.


i will read up on dmaa ans see whats up with it and use it tomorrow night…well friday…i will miss tomorrow cus have to pick up grandma after work from bus and take her all the way home…two hrs one way…so friday i will be on it lol!!


so i am on fasting today…wednesday… where it was just one meal…but i did my cardio first around 3 30 pm…

ok so meal today…wednesday…at around 8 pm.

rested a couple hrs and started my weights at 11 30 pm…wednesday…

flat bench i did…

145 lbs…15 reps…2 sets

crunches…64…2 sets ( in between each set of bench)

165 lbs…12 reps…2 sets

crunches…64…2 sets ( in between each set of bench)

185 lbs…12 reps…2 sets

crunches…64…2 sets ( in between each set of bench)

196 lbs…2 reps…2 sets

crunches…64…2 sets ( in between each set of bench)

total bench reps…82 reps
total crunches…512

cable…seated flys…

40 lbs…15 reps…2 sets

15 push ups in between each set

50 lbs…15 reps…2 sets

15 pushups in between each set

60 lbs…12 reps…2 sets

12 push ups in between each set

70 lbs…12 reps…2 sets

12 push ups in between each set

total flys…108 reps
total pushupd…108

tricept pushdowns…

60 lbs…25 reps…2 sets

70 lbs…20 reps…2 sets

80 lbs…20 reps…2 sets

90 lbs…15 reps …2 sets

total reps…160 reps


soo i guess dmaa was first introduced in 1944 and readily available through to 1983 when it was voluntaily removed by the makers… it was introduced as a nasal decongestant and also given to people with adhd and so forth and it made it into health supplements that its affect helped increased focus . awareness and energy which is EXACTLY what i feel when i take dust…so it like adderall in prework out!!..dayum! aparently if i takenit as i have been ita safe so…i wish i could find the black stone dust that still has it in it lol!! i would buy a few and store it in a safe!! the shit works!! lol!!..danger comes with over use as with anything and mixing it with things clearly stated not to and i will admit i am a cautious and scaredy dude so…i will be aight :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


in the Blackstone labs, pj braun formula, its just too much! 10-20 mg DMAA is effective,this has 75! and tons of caffeine,other shit that will just burn your adrenal glands out. I personally have always hated “speedy neuro -focus” pre workouts. I used to make my own preworkout, Milberone, methyl test…just joking. I used a mix of beta alanine, arginine, ag sufate, and other shit. i take it still, not all the time and tweak it for a recovery drink too. I would agree that the stuff you have is more for skinny “tweakers” than huge bbers,LOL. Its funny to read that. I dont want to take dmaa because it is a danger for high BP, tachycardia, and such…but can you pass me the tren and the anadrolPLEASE?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: yes ha…but thats if u take two scoops as recommended…u always just took one. pj he came a long way…he was one of my first few friends on fb lol!! i didnt realize he was so deep in black stone till the other day actually when he was postin a bunch a stuff from the different body building contests he attended. you know? a while ago you mentioned a particular nut thats real good and such what is the cane of it again?..i thing u said it was round and flat.


so i actually was off today but alot of stuff filled it in but i still got a nice work out in. for lunch we went to an italian buffet…but i kept it nice…i had two plates as you will see on tbe broasted chicken breasts i removed the skin…and i had water with my meal. so that was at 11 am this morning i ate.

then i did shoulders today…a pretty descent one…


20 lbs…25 reps…2 sets

super set with dumbel bicepts 20 lbs 25 reps alternating…2 sets…a set in between each set of arnolds

25 lbs…25 reps…2 sets

super set with dumbel bicepts 25 lbs 25 reps alternating…2 sets…a set in between each set of arnolds

30 lbs…20 reps…2 sets

super set with dumbel bicepts 30 lbs 20 reps alternating 2 sets…a set in between each set of arnolds

35 lbs…15 reps…2 sets

super set with dumbel bicepts 35 lbs 15 reps alternating…2 sets…a set in between each set of arnolds

total arnolds…170
total arm curls…170

then i went to the cable machine and did alternating latteral raises

20 lbs…20 reps…10 sets

i did 30 sets of half bicepts curls in between each set of latterals

total latterals…200 reps
total 1/2 curls 300 reps

then i went to small cambered bar shrugs on the cable machine…

100 lbs…30 reps 2 sets

110 lbs…30 reps 2 sets

120 lbs…30 reps…2 sets

130 lbs…30 reps…2 sets

total shrugs…240 reps

then stomach crunches on the flat bech

8 sets of 64…512 crunches

i was not going to have another meal but decided to put something in my system so i had a plain ground chuck burger my buddy upstairs made…8 ounces of burger…and thats it…i feel good…that dust really helped me out lol!!!


HAPPY EASTER!! i have been working around the clock since friday. so i missed friday…and saturday and possibly today because i have not gotten home from work yet and i am on two hrs of sleep i should hopefully get home by 5 and i will go right to sleep and try and be up by 9 or 10 pm the latest…and get a gym time in…hopefully less i sleep till way late… eating was off…ate healthy for the most part…but i slipped a couple instances where i ate a few little easter chocolate eggs and some chocolate kisses…and i ate a small square pack of gram crackers…240 calories for thise there were 8 squares…drank some gatorades…so anyways…i and not working monday and tuesday so i can get back on track…i nevet made that soup so its on for this week…so i am a few days behind on progress


Blackstone got raided as soon as the judge ruled against them the feds banged in the door and seized everything with the dmaa. Now I believe its just yhombine and caffeine unless its a bottle that was made prior to the judgment


Back at it…i feel soo much better now…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

first gym time…cardio…no meals yet…last time i ate was at 3 pm yesterday at a mexican restaurant…

no chips no tortilla and i had a huge cup of iced water. i did not have my favorite rice water.

ok so that was yesterday…today nothing yet…

so cardio…

more gym time later


Wtf is rice water lol