Gym Rants - Fitstudboi Log


Always glad i was introduced here. Just been the best in keeping me grounded and always conscious of my goals and the motivation to keep at it.

In the past when i fell off it took years and lots of gained lbs to come back around.

Being connected here its instant.

I know without you guys on here fellow members like you and staff. I would have drifted way longer and would have been the worst to put
It lightly. Now u just need to get fitness enthusiasts like all on here in my immediate circle :rofl::rofl:

The expectations here has been key. I never thought such online deal would have such affect.

Years ago i signed up on bodybuilding site and i was on for a month maybe and fell off not logged in since. They had a bunch a stuff and members and workouts…but it was like…stark…cold…members werent interactive and as helpful or supportive.

There is def something special about this community.


First cardio of the day…got up late was going to make it fasted but was slow moving around and time was slippin…i was begining to get a slight head ache …but i was still at 1 pm heading to do it and then have my first meal of the day when i realized…

My phone was 1 % i need the phone to log so i thought to wait for it to charge to at least 60% so i can stream vids as i cardio and put it to continue charging…streaming and other apps running eats up batter in minutes so at least 60 would give me enough juice left to take the pics 9f my cardio session.

So in the mean time the head ache was trying and i panicked and ate :rofl::rofl::rofl: hunger headaches are the worst and I didn’t want to ruin all my gym time planned today…

So here is my first…just an hr cardio…

This evening will be another 30 minutes and weights


So I hit you with the VIP tag because you have kept a solid log and participate in the community.
You deserve it you have been around for awhile but stay around brother and get it done.

Kill this shit


Thanks soo much @Bigmurph. Oh trust. I will stick around no doubt. I will be in a much better place this go round! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: Thank u :smiley::smiley:


Much respect brother I want the whole community to come together and mick ass straight to there goals no bull shit.
I need to get it you need to get it everyone need to get it and post up proud pictures


So twice a day overall i have been having sugar free fresh made oolong tea with a couple table spoons of bitter gourd a fresh piece of ginger root u see there…

Now the red stuff

That is suppose to be dehydrated ghost pepper a friend’s father who is into the hottest pepper and in a pepper club gave me a couple nice ziploc bag of the hottest peppers one bag is this ghost pepper…usually i add 1 small piece…a lil smaller than a half of a dime…today i added a little bit bigger than the dime…

I tasted it with the peppers in it and

My first thought was…



I since shortly after…REMOVED…the pieces as i noticed the tea was turning red and flames busted out on the surface! :joy::joy::joy::joy: j/k

Sort of :joy::joy:

So now the tip of my tongue…all down my esophagus down past my small intestines is on fire!!

So i will go back to just a 1/4 of dime

Karela or indian bitter gourd is known for is sugar leveling affects along with many other great benefits.

The people of india uses this as a alternative to get sugar levels to normal in type 2 diabetes… i know for a fact it works

A friend had diabetes. type two …and had to get it under control or his job would not allow him to work. His indian doc turnt him on to it and his diabetes went away…

The oolong is known for fat metabolizing aid …it pulls excess fat out the blood as well…ginger and pepper are great for inflamation and increasing circulation as well as burning the shit out your throat and intestines! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh fuck yeah hot peppers


Yeaa I love hot shit


My throat burned for an hr . Omg‚Ķmy instestines felt warm for a while‚Äč:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I was warned though…and the pieces weren’t done steeping yet can u imagine!

I think if some one ate a whole ghost pepper he or she would die‚Ķhence the name ghost pepper? would ghost u ‚Ķlike kill u? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:‚Ķwell it sounds good‚Äč:joy:. we can add that as an added meaning in the urban dictionary‚Äč:smiley:


Spicey is good bug i swear u might change your mind if u tried some :rofl::rofl:


So i got second cardio in…slower pace only 30 minutes

Then did rotations…

Set of 10 with 135 lbs on the flat

Set of 10 with 105 lbs on the seated triceps push downs

Set of 10 with 135 lbs on the incline

Then 4 sets of 10 at 50 lbs on the leg extension with 10 seconds rest between sets

Repeated 4 times

So from friday evening till now 5 sessions of cardio and 3 strength training sessions


Yeah that sounds to spicy to be enjoyable


Yea true‚Ķ I say hot stuff, like jalape√Īos habeneros and stuff‚Ķ not like Carolina reapers or ghost peppers‚Ķ I really think hot things are good for you‚Ķ


They actually are you can find many studies that show all different kinds of peppers and the benefits they provide


Yea I have read up on some of it, my uncle is always makin jalape√Īo extract and habenero extracts and adds it to a lot of his food‚Ķ


Yes. My friend’s dad makes his own jardinara and tomato sauce with his own tomatoes and adds the peppers to it. He had told me just adding a piece the size of the tipy tip of my little finger in a regular bowl of soup is way plenty. that stuff is wicked. I got enough a those peppers to last me years :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ok so i pin pointed the problem why i have had this annoying head ached for 3 days now on and off. Last night couldn’t sleep till finally at 4 am i gave in and took some alieves…

The problem is stemming from something slightly out of place mid back between my traps.

Started after the guy i train with had me do some olympic bar upright rows.

Who knew this would cause a problem…in the past i did traps with dumbbell shrugs…side laterals…arnolds…and when i did up right they were with the cambered bar .

I did after feeling and digging and trying to mamassage my neck a tight and sensitive section stemming from my upper mid back to just beneath my skull on the right.

So i guess i will pill up till i go in for adjustment…

I know there is a section in your vertebra that if its out will cause head aches‚Ķthe napropath mentioned it before but i forgot the name ughūü§£


First gym time of the morning was fasted cardio.

Tonight cardio and weights …see what i get into :rofl:


I’m running the same method brother fasted cardio and then weights and cardio at night


This is awesome news :grin::grin::grin: good stuff :smiley::smiley::smiley::+1::+1::muscle::muscle::muscle: